Affordable English Based Schools In Turkey

I am from Pakistan. Currently living in Pakistan and planning to move to Turkey along with my family. We may settle in Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir depending upon the living cost. Cost of children education is our primary concern so far. I have three children. Eldest son is of 11 years and in 6th grade, middle son is of 6 years and in 2nd grade and youngest daughter is 5 years old and in 1st grade of school. I need some information about school admissions in turkey. I have knowledge that Turkish public schools are Turkish language only. I also know that there are schools offering teaching in English but are very expensive. I need some information. Any help would highly be appreciated.

How foreigner's children cope up with the language problem if they join public schools?

Is there any schools offering education in English with affordable fee structures? How minimum fee can go?


Goverment schools in Turkey unfortunately are poor in Education and also there is nobody can speak in English too. Of course they teach foreign languages but none of students can speak it.
As you said that Private school in Turkey are very expensive, the cheapest one price for one year 30.000-40.000 TL / 1 US Dollar =  5.7 TL

Cheapest and common one : Doğa Koleji

You can find information about Ministry of Education 2010 Circular (Foreign Students) … Genelgesi_(Yabancı_Uyruklu_Öğrenciler)

International Schools in Istanbul are not cheap but then again International Schools are hardly ever cheap in any country. Having said that i have done my fair share of research on this matter as i have two school going children of my own.

1. Istanbul American School (AdavcedED curiculum) - located in Başakşehir
2. Istanbul International School (Cambridge) - located in Üskudar (Asian Side)

These are not cheap but are definitely good schools. Hope this helps.


Hi Faisal
I am not if you are interested Ankara but SINAV high school in Ankara has added recently English brand for international students.
I found it very reasonable fee when I contacted although it's English language website isn't updated yet.   OR

I would love to know if there are any good English-based schools in Konya - any suggestions, recommendations welcome!  I'm having a hard time trying to find any info online.  Thanks.

Hello, how are you? Did you find a school at a suitable price? I am also looking. Please reply. I wish you a happy day

Hi there. Can anyone suggest about the schools in Antalya? We are moving from Malaysia and the kids (9 and 3) currently study at International schools. We are interested in any schools (public/private/international) where the medium of instruction is English and approx. 15000-20000 TL a year. I currently receive education subsidy for them which possibly won't be an option in Antalya. Therefore we won't be able to afford expensive schooling.
Any advice will be really appreciated.


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I am also searching for an inexpensive school anywhere in Turkey. Preferably with Conservative muslims.

My 3 children are born in
and 2011

Hi everyone,
I will be moving to Istanbul from Pakistan shortly... I need recommendations for a good and affordable international/ English based school for my daughter who is in Grade 10.

Dear brother, Aslaam o alaikum!

I would like to recommend you one stop solution that is aslanbay official youtube channel. You can all information related to Turkey and particularly information related to Antalya on this channel.

Please check with aslanbay official on YouTube as he is from Antalya and shares trustworthy information on YouTube. I followed his guidelines to get residence permit without any difficulty. I hope it will help you.

Hi Everyone
Please recommend any good English medium school in bursa.

Hi, were u able to find a good international school with affordable fee. I will be moving to Istanbul from Pakistan shortly and have the same concern

Hi all, I am looking for affordable English schools in either Mersin or Konya and I am planning to move to Turkey in the not-too-distant future.

I am just wondering if you managed to find any English schools in Konya? I also struggling to find anything online.

Al Fayaz International school - Teaching Arabic and English. They have 9 branches and have opened one in Bursa. Hope this helps. Please note I don't have any children attending this school but have spoken to people who teach here and it appears to be of great service with genuine care for teaching.

Hi there, if u got any information regarding English medium schools in konya kindly guide me... *** on this email. It will be a great help

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@Mahur Mano

NUN school in uskudar 30mins from Istanbul

Safir school, and more go on website [link moderated] there's a whole blog for international schools listing, there are few in Konya that I am waiting on too will post once I get info hope this helps In sha'Allah May Allah make it easy for us all

Thank you for the input, hannah !

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If you're looking in Alanya I know Alaaddin Keykubat Koleji has plenty of foreign students.

can any one please recomend someone who can teach English GCSE, Maths GCSE and Double Science GCSE please i would like someone from Ankara and if you can drop an email [link moderated]. many thanks

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