Studying in Turkey

Hello everyone,

Would you recommend studying abroad in Turkey?

Every year, 4 million young people from all over the world choose to study abroad for one semester or a full academic year. Would you encourage them to come and study in Turkey?

In your opinion, what are the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country/area? Are these free of charge? If not, are tuition fees expensive? Are there many foreign students enrolled in these schools/colleges/universities? What is the main language of instruction at the university?

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Studying here has been amazing for me.its now 3 months since I came and I fall more in love with the place everyday.i love the culture,the people are amazing,the food is awesome,turkey is really an amazing amazing place.i don't regret the step I took to come here.i have learnt so much and learning the language has been awesome.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

To Study in Turkey as an International Student?

To study or not to study in Turkey, I would say a resounding YES. Turkey is one of the largest countries in Europe in terms of all possible measures to gauging a country. Turkey has become the production powerhouse of Europe from automotive to chemicals to agriculture and fashion.  Turkey's educational standards are at par with all the major Western European countries. I will give few details in the next few lines to elaborate more on this.

I have been to Ankara and Istanbul to Karabuk and all the cities in between. I had the chance to observe and talk to many students and educators from large universities such as Hacettepe and Istanbul University and army colleges enrolling international military cadets. 

International student body enrollment in Turkey has increased many folds for the past two decades. International student population in Turkey stands around 50,000 and there is an expressed Turkish Government policy to double this figure by 2018 with set budgets in accomplishing this goal. 

Whether you are an exchange student for one semester or more, there is plethora of things to see and experience in Turkey as a visitor. For international students coming to Turkey to study at one of Turkey's ever sprawling universities, one experiences magnificent scenery wherever you turn to. Some universities in Turkey have morphed into mini cities to resemble the Ten Big universities of the United States where universities form city districts onto themselves. Case in point, Karabuk University-it has huge Olympic size stadium, bridges over the river, city roads cutting through the university grounds and a hospital.

Turkey is welcoming all students from across globe from the Seven Continents. Europeans where the only ones that used enjoy the privilege of studying in Turkey for a semester or more with its  common Turkish hospitality fit for a Sultan but now the rest of world is aware of this once in a lifetime experience for the youth of the world. About 13,000 of the international students in Turkey, study with full scholarships. So if any young person has the opportunity to come to Turkey for university studies, I would advise go right ahead, jump on the opportunity.

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University education is very cheap in Turkey. Language of instruction is normally Turkish with very few exceptions.


Higher education in Turkey is comparable one in Germany, Sweden or UK but as some people pointed out already, annual university fees are affordable but the education itself is a high standards one or what we term as world class degrees.

You attend eastern shore universities for $4,000 per year or less for a medical or engineering degree. School off season, your summer vacationing in Turkey will cost minimal if you are a student in Turkey already. You can't beat that.

For ease of transfer around the world, for example, you do an undergraduate degree in Turkey and you are able to pursue post grad in USA or anywhere in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea or Australia.

Dig yourself for the facts.

Hello,  you stated that $4,000 would pay for an entire year this of course excludes living expenses right? If you will please share the average cost for lodging for a  year either in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya  or Izmir.  Thanks so much.


With the study in Turkey, I must say that some of the schools are very expensive.And I think there is any free school around here. There are many foreign students and as far as I know because I am teaching in University, most of the foreign students are on scholarship.There are many private universities and these private ones are charging  exorbitant fees.All school here probably give lectures by using English when it comes English related courses.
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