Cost of jewelry in Turkey ?

Was wondering if jewelry (gold and silver) is expensive in Turkey ? What carat is common there ? 18K or
14K ? Is that something best to buy in the US ?

Thank You

The gold prices depend on international markets and it is very competitive in Turkey. Most Turks buy 22K gold and less than 18K is considered as inferior. In the US you will have to pay very high mark-ups   sales tax. In Turkey gold mark-up is very low and gold is free of sales tax. So that 14K ornament that you buy in US for  let's say 1000USD maybe worth 500USD in Turkey

Thank you Dr Osman,
yes, most gold sold in US is 14K but 18K is easily available no problem.
Maybe I buy it there

Silver jewelry is also cheaper in Turkey compared to Canada and America. There's also pretty wide variety of both gold and silver jewelry. And since cost of labour is cheaper getting customized pieces is more affordable.

Thank you N.maria,
I will buy in Turkey; you convinced me.

My husband and I are planning to move to Turkey in the next 2 years. My husband is Turkish and I've been to Turkey a few times. We're also looking up what is cheaper to buy here and bring over to Turkey and what's just cheaper to buy over there. I'm happy to share information to help others :)

I was born in Europe and been to many countries in Europe and Asia but have lived in US most of my life. Going to Turkey end of September first time. I hope I like it.....I read a lot and did a lot of research.....I think I will like it; cross my fingers.

Good luck to you

Just to let you know that diamonds purchased in Turkey can be excellent value and investment, providing you are careful where you buy of course and ideally know what to check for.
Both purchased valued at home were found to be double the value bought for. That may depend which country you return to.
Also if buying a more expensive item always check out the best currency rates as can get you better value.
A lot of Turkish people seem to invest in gold and silver, rather than money in savings accounts (that's another subject 🤣).
A lot about market timing for all above too.
But do take good care if you decide to buy.

I plan to go to Istanbul and buy a gold chain or two - 22 karat gold chains. The design is not that important, a simple one will do. How much markup can I expect to have to pay (relative to the spot price of gold)?

Go by weight - look at the cost per ounce for the 22 or 24 carat - get them to weight it

then use the currency