Help finding a supplier/manufacturer

Please may someone help me find the supplier/manufacturer of Fiorella wafers and biscuit here in Turkey? I have sent numerous emails to addresses that I have found on the internet but had no luck yet.

Much obliged,


You Can write to Turk ticaret bolgesi yurt disi

How many peaces you want?


I would like to get your MOQ and the price.

Also if you have a catalog of your products please forward it to ***


Thank you Hamit  :D

Hello, there's no MOQ you can get what you want,
please send me an e-mail with quantity you want and i will replay
by prices and shipping fee, also where you want receive your order.

ajeeb24   A-t    msn  , com

No Problem  :dumbom:  Good Luck my friend

can you send me a catalog please?