Things to do in Istanbul alone or with your family

Things to do in Istanbul alone or with your family
Updated 2019-07-08 09:17

If you have just moved to Istanbul, whether alone or with your family, it's probably time to start exploring your new home and socialising. Here is an overview of the various leisure activities available for expats, especially kids.

Things to do alone in Istanbul

Discovering art might be the best activity to do in Istanbul if you are all alone or have moved with your partner. Istanbul has the most vivid and energetic contemporary art scene in Turkey, and it is developing more and more every year with young artists and new art galleries cropping up. Art galleries such as Galerist, Art On, Mixer are some of the best places to enjoy exhibitions and shows. The newly opened Juma at Karaköy hosts five different art galleries. Besides, the Istanbul Biennial is one of the most popular events in the city. It is organised by the Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation and takes place in September.

The Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair is another popular event that attracts visitors in large numbers. Being the first fair ever in Istanbul, it is growing every year with artists from Turkey and abroad.

Art Week is a new contemporary art event that takes place in the heart of the city, Beşiktaş. It usually takes place in various old-style buildings in the Akaretler neighbourhood.

Family activities in Istanbul

The Turkish culture is very family-oriented and this is perhaps why Istanbul is such a fun city for kids. If you're not yet convinced, just have a look at the expats blogs and Instagram accounts. Besides the Istanbul Aquarium, you can turn to shopping malls like Uniq and Trump Mall that have different children's theatre activities and weekend games. At the Caddebostan Culture Center (CKM), the children's opera is also very popular.

When the weather is good, parks are the best place to relax with your children. Families living on the Anatolian side of Istanbul are always enjoying the gardens, parks and beaches, especially during spring and summer. In the European side of Istanbul, you are likely to find small parks in every neighbourhood.

Museums for kids

On the Anatolia side, the Toy Museum, owned by the Turkish poet and author Sunay Akın, is an excellent place for children during weekends. The museum regularly organises different activities for children both in English and in Turkish.

Rahmi Koç Museum, on the European side, is another gem for museum lovers and kids. The museum has lots of different old cars, airplanes and vehicles through which you will be able to discover the evolution of transportation.

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