Adjusting to the local culture in Istanbul

Adjusting to the local culture in Istanbul
Updated 2019-07-08 11:43

The 5th largest city in the world with a population of over 17 million, Istanbul is famous for its history of three great empires: Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. The citys energy makes it a cultural, economic and financial hub in Turkey. When it comes to expat living, it is full of opportunities, but here are some practical tips to help you adjust to your new environment and lifestyle.

History in Istanbul

With its history dating back to 330 BC, Istanbul is a beacon for the curious minds. If you are going to live in this city, the first thing you have to do is get a book on the history of Istanbul and start discovering the best parts of it. Find a book that tells you about the old parts of the city. Learning history is essential if you will decide which part of the city you are going to live in.

Choosing your neighbourhood

Finding an apartment is quite tricky in Istanbul. Each district is different but offers something interesting. The best thing to do is to discover it with a local. You can find Istanbul city tours on various tourist websites. Since a couple of years, many expats have been wandering around with a guide to decide which place is the most suitable for them.


Adapting to Istanbul is easy if you know the climate, neighbourhoods, local culture and food. Exploring the surroundings can be real fun with some help. Here are some tips for getting to know more of Istanbul and how to adapt the cultural life.

Istanbul is home to many https://www.expat.communities. It is believed that the https://www.expat.communities are divided into two due to the Anatolian and European sides of the city. First of all, decide which part of the city you would prefer to live in and then find your In general, https://www.expat.communities help each other to adapt to the city culture and support them in learning the language and traditions.

Learning the history of the city will definitely help you adapt to the culture. You will thus have more information about historical places and how once people lived in this city. The city's mysterious culture gets everyone. In the city centre, there is an old monument or building waiting to be discovered in every street corner. These places are also part of the Turkish culture, even though locals pay less attention to these details.

Depending on the neighbourhood you have chosen to live in, you will be able to experience a different culture, food and traditions. For example, in the old parts of Istanbul, a more conservative lifestyle reigns. There are more mosques, and life generally ends around 11 pm. On the other hand, if you live in areas like Taksim and Nişantaşı, you will notice that the nightlife is vibrant. These are also popular neighbourhoods for families. So if you are looking for a balance between a lively neighbourhood and peaceful life, turn to Nişantaşı and Taksim. Adapting to the culture in these areas is always easier when compared to the old parts of the city.

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