Once I had KITAP I could apply for KTP.

Once you have your Kitas or Kitap, I think you need to get a few other documents like a letter from your local Chairman and letters from the person above the Chairman in your area and also the local government office, all proving your address. Then I think you might need a letter from a main police station too. Can't remember if there is anything else needed as it's been so long so I went there. So bring all that to the Disdukcapil in your town and they will tell you when you can pick up your KTP.

Yes. After receiving the KITAS or KITAP you can apply for KTP

@wyngrove60 : To my knowledge KITAS or KITAP holders are not eligible.  If you are working in a company the company must apply for it for you, but as soon as you are no longer working with the company you will no longer be eligible for it.


Then how come I have BPJS?

Actually KITAS/KITAP holders are definitely eligible. It just seems that some people living in certain regions are not getting it, but where I live it is definitely eligible. I'm old and using BPJS all the time.

Yes. Eligible. But there is a difference between company sponsored bpjs and individual sponsored bpjs. What the differences are exactly I don't know sorry. I'm am not employed, yet I have bpjs health class 1 for me and my family. (Not pension contributions though)

Thanks everyone, big price difference with my Dutch health insurance

Indonesian is expensive for private health insurance. In Malaysia I was paying about MYR12k - 15k per year for private international room, and it completely covered a back operation I had there. In Indonesia I was paying a bit more than IDR17 million per year (first time discount) for a UK insurance company here which the following year went up to about IDR24 million, and that was just for myself. So now all of us use BPJS and we are paying IDR150k per person per month which gives us a better room/ward in case we are hospitalized.

However, since BPJS doesn't cover all illnesses, I am also still seeing doctors privately and paying for it myself.

@bennl The choice is yours, but as someone who has spent 2 weeks in the hospital, the highest tier is worth it. There are no fresh flowers in any of the tiers of coverage, but the lowest tier looks very, very uncomfortable, no dividers between beds and very over crowded. I am more than happy to pay a few dollars extra every month after seeing that. i didnt have any coverage on this occasion so had to pay out of pocket for my daughter (Indonesia) and was happy to pay the premium. As I understand, if you do have to go in an emergency, there is no paying a little more to upgrade, you are in that category, then thats where you are until you go to the BPJS office and change it.

Highly recommend the highest class, it really isnt much at all.

@sarah1effendi Go to the civil office after you have your green Kitap card.

Dear All,

I need an answer please If my wife wanted a divorce and forced me to go back to my country and If I do not give her a divorce then is possible for her will complain to immigration and send it back to my country without divorce?...I need a correct answer. please. thanks

Muhammad, your post has nothing to do with the OP's topic about "BPJS for KITAS/KITAP Holders". So you should maybe start your own new topic.