Can I shop online for furniture and have it delivered to the DR

Where can i find affordable bedroom, kitchen and livingroom furniture. Also, where can I find appliances such as stove and washer and dryer? Can I shop online for these items?

Furniture shopping online is pretty much limited to IKEA, appliances online is hit and miss.  Jumbo, PriceSmart(Costco) and Corippios all advertise prices online and will deliver.  Plaza Lama is good for appliances and some furniture, and I imagine they would deliver as well.  Most shopping is better in-person with cash in hand.  It is done very differently here.  If you like that bed, sofa, dining table set in the store, you are getting THAT item.  There is no warehouse with dozens of them wrapped for delivery, you get that specific item.  The store then brings in a different piece that was just made or imported.  Not the same with appliances or electonics, but there is very limited stock available in the stores.

Welcome to the forums.  Shopping is very different here and much of your options depend what part of the country you will live in.

The post above if darn accurate!   I live in Santo Domingo and we have many more options.

One word of caution - be careful to understand guarantees!!!  With some stores a guarantee is honored and pretty easy - Corripio and pricemart come to mind.  And other stores it's a huge fight if there is any issue - just had a 38 day fight with Jumbo over a GE washer that never ever worked!

As Planner said, it depends on where you are! There are at least 3 places here in Las Terrenas to buy appliances, but the selection in the store is limited. We're working with one of the stores to source the appliances we want. He's got a supplier in the capital who can get the models we want - which are much more "American" than what is normally sold here.

In which part of the country are you living?

Illumel outlet has beautiful things as well. You can shop online and they will deliver.

Have you been to their regular store?  O. M. G. I love that store!

Yes, it's out of this world!

@UncleBuck Hi, Are the Ikea shipping costs pretty reasonable when shipping to the Dominican Republic?

I read IKEA are interviewing staff now for their new store in Bavaro.

@UncleBuck Hi, Are the Ikea shipping costs pretty reasonable when shipping to the Dominican Republic?

- @Radholla82189

You would not buy from Ikea and ship to the DR. Just buy from Ikea I Santo Domingo or the Santiago store. 
We've placed two large orders with IKEA in the past two months. Their website shows the delivery costs.

We were able to place the order online, confirm with an English speaking agent, then have an English speaking rep from the delivery company contact us for exact directions.



I recently bought a condo in Las Terrenas and I would so much appreciate a few tips from you. I have red a lot of comments from you on different posts and you seem to have all the answers.

Thank you. Welcome to the forums.  I have some answers honey but not even close to all of them! 

Ask away and I will answer what I can and others will as well.


I spent 6 days in Santo Domingo last week shopping and found a few things at Ilumel. I just ordered it today on WhatsApp with a saleswoman that has no English (I have very little Spanish). I wanted to order a sofa that I saw also but it is too big for my condo so I have been struggling with Google translator, transferring to WhatsApp and converting measurements so it takes for ever and we both get tired. Still needs sofas. I have no experience on shopping sofas on internet, without seeing textures and real colours. You seemed very experimented in deco and probably have Spanish…tricks…help….

I can imagine how frustrating that is!!!  Did you make it to Illumel outlet or only the main store?

I have bought many furniture on amazon in the past and got them delivered by encargo paq, wich i found for maritime got the best rate.

Never had any issue and saved a lot of $ vs buying here (just compare furniture at ashley vs ashley furniture on Amazon... it's often 200 to 250% higher here in store.

I would say whatever you buy for large furniture online in the price range of 300-600$~ you can expect to add an additional 30-50% for shipping / taxes after it arrives here.

Not including electronic, price would be higher because of taxes. If you end up buying online you can send the amazon link / other store link to your carrier and get a quote for shipping & taxes.

Use a mudanza..... good pricing



I am now looking for a store in Santo Domingo that delivers in Las Terrenas and sells well made interior blinds that blocks sun but can see through from inside and blackout blinds.

Also looking for a store that delivers home appliances like fridge and gas stove. Any tips?

For blinds I can recommend Shutters Europeo. 829-962-8333 Ext. 3183

They are  not inexpensive but they are likely the best in Santo Domingo

@Radholla82189 Ikea is opening a large store December 1st (that's what one of the staff I spoke to told me) in Bavaro near Jumbo


great! Thanks!

@roxanefournier01 have you looked at Casa Moda in LT for blinds? They cusrom

make blinds and shades.

Also, EMB in LT can get you just about any appliance you want! The owner, Bertrand, tracked down the specific models of fridge and freezer we wanted and delivered them. We had an issue with the defrost sensor on the fridge and the warranty service has been excellent! One drawback to buying in SD and having delivered to LT is that the stores won't travel to LT for warranty service. I've heard of folks that either has to take a fridge back to SD or pay an independent to do work that should be under warranty.

Thanks for the advice!

We  are in LT and really love EMB we purchased all of our kitchen needs. And he stands behind his goods.

Yes he's a bit higher but for peace of mind you will not regret it.