Price of a 50"-60" LED smart TV??

Anyone been holiday shopping for a TV recently? We arrived home to find our TV which is 15 years old no longer able to show a picture. Debating on ordering on Amazon and having shipper get it down here from Miami or driving all over island to find a TV. Hopi g to narrow the search! Any leads?

Should be some sales starting tomorrow honey!

On Facebook go find JJR technology.  They have great prices in a variety of brands and sizes and good service.  All depends what you are looking for honey.

Gracias, Planner! Does anyone have experience with MercadoLibre??

Where is best place to buy a tv in punta cana area?

Ok, so we are purchasing a TV via Mercado Libre. We'll let everyone know how it goes!

Mercado libre is buyer beware!!!! There are some  scams so do your homework.

This. From a store, I hope.

^This^ . From a store, I hope.

Been reviewing TV's a lot in "COROTOS.DO".  Many super crazy prices for exactly the same model.  Some reasonable, some crazy high.  Many models could be last years.  Saw some insane price at Sambil.  But downstairs at Electro Lama some models were a much better price.  Depends what you want to use it for.  Gaming is an important factor?  You probably want a Samsung series 7 or 8(rare).  Want extreme good picture and don't care about the price?  Get Samsung QLED or LG OLED (beware of burn in with non moving images after a long, long time).  Sony's are very good quality but Samsungs are cheaper for sports/gaming (fast moving images).  You can get a 55" Samsung Series 7 (usually model 7090) for $32k dop.  They say new, but watch it.  If it is last years model, I wouldn't doubt if it been used a year on the shelf in the store, every single day, all day long, then put back in the box and sold as new.

How do models names work?  Ex:  Samsung  UN55NU7300
UN means North American model
55 means 55 inch diagonal measure
NU means 2019 model, (RU would be a 2018, being somewhat different)
7300 means series 7 ( there are some general things that series 7 will have, such as 120hz native refresh rate....but read the specs.  Since the series can make a big difference in how nice the video quality is, not just the featues if may have.)

DRVisitor: In PC area, Corripio, Plaza Lama or Jumbo are 3 large stores that often offer sales at good prices for the DR.  Shop in person for the best price.  Just bought a Samsung 50" smart TV on sale for under 28K from Corripio.  I am completely satisfied with the purchase.


Thank you and happy new year.

One other thing.  Get a "dumb" TV if you can, with all the bells and whistles and the 6 trillion colors and the 3 billion to 1 contrast ratio.  But AVOID "SMART".  Unless you have a burning desire for the ChiCom/CIA friendly organizations like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Twitter to monitor what you are saying and doing in your own house.  First thing you should do is put tape on the mic and camera.  And if is "doesn't have a mic"....look for it.

Really, you can't get a non"SMART" TV, unfortunately.  And if you connect it to the net, info you do not authorize WILL be sent to Google, etc without your consent, or knowledge.  On the bright side, the new QLED and OLED TV's are stunning in the quality of image.  If they get any better you'll need sun screen to watch a program in 4K UHD about the Caribbean.  It's getting that good.  Consider though, the source of the signal.  If you never get 4K or 4K in UHD, then all that quality will only be available when you buy/rent a 4K UHD blue ray disc.  Or maybe if you subscribe to streaming service that can supply you such high quality on you VERY good internet connection.  In other words, REAL 4K UHD implies very very high bandwidth.  Without that, you are relegated to discs or content on USB sticks.

I was in Coripio the other day.  And the TV you bought was the ONLY one I considered a decent price.  And you got it 2k less than their advertised.  Overall the prices in Coripio (at Sambil mall) were very very high.

Like anywhere, watch the sales.  I bought mine on Black Friday.

Ok. Mercado Libre may have not been the best choice. Anyone know someone in Monte Cristi? I would ask then to verify that this guy and his store really exist. It would literally take a while day to drive there and see for ourselves...the store is Smartphone RD?

Yikes.  I hope you have not sent money.

I went to JJR Technology on Black Friday and got a pretty good deal compared to other places I went looking for a special. DR does not have same Black Friday specials that USA or other countries may have but still JJR Technology did have the best deals in my opinion so I definitely agree with Planner on this one.

I have bought several TV's, air conditioners and laptops from them over the last 5 years and always been happy!

I bought a 50” Technomaster at Plaza Lama in La Romana early last month.  I’ll let you know how I like it (if it’s been delivered, another can of worms) when we get there next week.

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