Sorry for the stupid question.  Is it easy/possible to order and get things delivered from Amazon? Seems like they have just about everything these days.  Do delivery charges make it cost prohibitive?  Thanks.

I thought I saw an Amazon pick up location in Sosua. But, I have not figured out how to use it yet. I messaged Amazon, but they replied that I need to call them to discuss as it is not a quick answer 😕 As soon as I get an answer from them, I will post it. I suspect it will not be inexpensive. But, I could be wrong.

You need to use a local shipper.  We order from AMazon all the time and have it delivered through CPS here in Sosua.  You can also use EPS, encargo pac to name a few.  You pay per pound for the local delivery and heavier items are shipped at a lower rate via boat.  Most air stuff arrives 3-5 days after leaving the US.

Bob K

Amazon does NOT deliver to Sosua or the DR without exorbitant costs and Aduana issues.

Use a mail forwarder - there are several good ones.

Order less than US 200 including shipping costs.

Keep it reasonably light. Average cost of mail forwarder is US 5 per pound.

Wow.  $5 per pound is exorbitant.  I know the DR is an island but that’s crazy.  I’m not moving there fulltime or semi full time for a couple years still but I’m hoping shipping costs will come down by then.

That is for  small items, their other divisions will do large and heavy shipments!   Its not intended for people doing mass shipments.

That US 5 is average. Some companies charge pro rated. 1/2 pound is  2.50. Other companies round up and that makes it much more expensive.

Yes with CPS a mail forwarding service we use it is 189 pesos (just under $4) a pound for air shipments.  Marine is much less.
We have shipped outdoor furniture, BBQ, lawn mowers, multiple TVs and lots of other stuff for a total cost less than buying a similar item here.

Bob K

I spoke with Amazon this morning. Their Amazon Locker Service is not available in the RD. The place I saw was probably a return station.

No All your AMazon or other mail order purchase have to go to a shipping forwarder usually in Miami.  Then they ship the stuff to you.

Bob K

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