Best prices on major appliances in Puerto Plata or Santiago?

Deciding is it worth to buy major kitchen appliances in Puerto Plata or Santiago or buy in US and ship?  Was recommended to look at PriceSmart, La Sirena, Jumbo.  Any other suggestions?

In Punta Cana we also have: Corripio, Plaza Lama

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First if you buy new and ship then you will be hammered with duty and taxes. MINIMUM  38% above what you paid for it plus shipping and other fees.

You are far better to buy here on almost all things.  It wasn't always this way but now it is.

If your only concern is price then that is one thing. If you also want  guarantee and service then  its another.

I recommend Corripio in Puerto Plata. You can find most of what you want there and they will negotiate based on multiple purchases. And they stand behind all their products.   That has been my experience.  They wont have the best price on everything but I think you can negotiate a good deal.

Achoa is good also

Having just gone through this ourselves, Corripio is the place to go.  Good quality, good brands, and good prices.  There are cheaper brands at other stores, but we found the best balance at Corripio.  Free delivery, and the prices converted to basically the same as North America, so don't bother shipping anything.

Buck, how is your stove?  Congrats on 1st. night in your brand new house !

After I solved the jets problem, it was smooth sailing.  For all interested, we literally just moved in to a brand new villa in Casa Linda.  After almost 3 months living out of suitcases in various rentals, we are finally home.  And I mean Home.  It's a feeling, not a place, in my mind.  We've been here for 3 months, and walking downtown today, we ran into 3 expats, one right after another.  2 we met from this site, and Tinker introduced us to the 3rd. (Doug, you curious old Tuba!)  This decision to move here gets better every day!

Congratulations honey!  I understand exactly what you mean. I have lived in many places all over this island. The country is home for me!

Thanks everyone for your quick reply and suggestions.  Found Corripio had pretty much everything we wanted.  Staff very helpful and prices good.  Now we're hoping to find lighting fixtures for bathroom, kitchen island and dining room.  Looking for modern fixtures, not glass teardrop chandeliers or mirror type fixtures.  Any suggestions?

Sadly, Amazon.  We didn't find anything we liked locally.  Mind you, we did not go to Santiago. Might have had some luck there, but we weren't ready for driving there yet.  Puerto Plata was easy enough for driving, but in a borrowed car, we didn't want to risk it.

I will suggest Santiago on this.  There are a number of stores.  Hache, Americana, I think another called Bellon or something like that, sometimes Pricemart has some. 

In Santiago you have a lot more choice.

And try Ikea catalogue! If you spend enough they deliver for free or a reasonable fee!  If not I am in Santo Domingo and can help.

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Thanks for the edification, now I know what I'm pissed about.  Of course, my feelings  will never have an impact on the ruination & gradual demise if real interactive speech.  I'm still driving at  55 & everyone else is doing 90.   Maybe not so different fro parents going nuts over the Beetles hair.

Tinker you just cracked me the heck up again......  I now have a vision in my head of you  driving 55.........

Okay back to our regularly scheduled program.....

I have found that I can almost always import items at significantly lower cost with higher quality than I can purchase them here.  Even down to one LED light bulb from Ebay or Amazon..

The use of Dominican Door to Door shippers in NY City or Miami is key in this. They quote you a price all in from their loading dock to your door. Air versus Maritime shipping should be considered depending upon the item.   With that firm fixed price, you can decide if it is worth the risk versus reward to buy here or import it.

Major kitchen appliances – ok, we’ve narrowed our search to some Whirlpool, Fridgidaire, and GE and maybe, Samsung.  Seems these brands can be easily repaired locally if necessary.  But was recommended Drija Italian appliances.  Has anyone heard of this brand, purchased, any problems?  Also, now looking for pool heaters.  Please, don’t ask why, spouse wants!  He’s aware of gas costs, etc.  Any recommendations where to buy and if you have one, any problems?  Again, thanks for all your responses.

Never heard of  DRIJA Italian Appliances or seen them in stores.  Sorry.

Pool heaters.... not sure either.   The only type I have seen are  pool covers that amplify the sunlight for heating. I will ask a friend who may know.

The other option of course, is solar heating for the pool!  A solar panel or system may be the most cost effective over time.

Contact Megasol for solar pool heating: megasol[at]

Since you can buy Whirlpool and other brand names that are repairable, why even consider another unknown brand?  KISS. Keep it simple sweetheart.

Whirlpool is a Yes.  I would stay away from GE and Frigidaire.  Never heard of any Italian appliances sold here.    If you need a part for a US appliance, you can always order it on line.  Been there and done that.  Even if you buy it here, you will likely be doing that anyway.

Curious why you suggested to avoid GE and Frigidaire?  Most new home builders I know, spec out GE and put them in their homes.

I have had poor personal experience with the GE and Fridigaire appliances sold in the DR.  The lowest level models are here. In the US, I suspect the contractors install mid to upper level appliances from those companies.  On the other hand, I have always had good luck with Whirlpool.  I still have a Whirlpool washing machine I moved from the USA with here in the DR that is 27 years old and still working.  I have a GE washer/Dryer over under model that is rusting apart after ten years right next to that Whirlpool. A couple of years back, I imported a bottom freezer french door type Whirlpool refrigerator and saved about $300 US over buying the exact same model here.  If I need parts for it, I am sure I would have had to order them from the US no matter where I purchased it.

Everyone who has purchased an appliance, have war stories to share. Good and bad.
Same with cars. Whirlpool is a bit higher quality in my view.  Also tends to be a bit more expensive.  But worth the difference. I have had good experiences with Whirlpool.

A Small pump, 100 feet of black heavy duty garden hose. pump pool water through the hose, letting it drain back into the pool.  The hose is spread out over your roof. You would be amazed at the rapid rise in the pool water temperature.  Was a very common practice in Florida years ago.  A small pump just strong enough to lift the water to roof height..  Primitive solar pool heater......

Tinker, my Brother-in-Law did the exact same thing in Northern Ontario for his pool.  Made a huge difference.  I can't imagine having the pool heated here, but to each his/her own.  The tube and pump setup is likely the cheapest choice, as a gas heater would run off the propane tanks.  We had a gas heater for our pool once, right beside the gas meter.  Fired up the heater and watched the dials on the gas meter spin like crazy.  That was the last time that heater was used, as it was the equivalent of having 2.5 furnaces running at the same time.  NOPE!

We live and learn by/from our mistakes. I like the hose and small motor.  Maybe we all have a little Dominican in us.  It's a good thing.

I bet that line works with all the ladies Bob!  😄

Once you have the temp you want, the pool will lose about a degree a day unless exposed to steady winds.  The pump does not have to run all day long ,so you save on the power. The exiting water will be too HOT to shower in. I would be surprised that after the pool is warm enough for you that it would cost  more  than $20 USD a month.

Buck.  You are too young to call Uncle

Make that "BIG" Bob. Lol.

As someone who has been here over 15 years I can tell you I don't go into pools this time of year. Wayyyy too cold for me!  Yup I vote for solar heating the pool, you betcha!  I don't swim in the ocean this time of year either! I am a wussssss.

Pool heating:

If you have some land that lies below the bottom level of your pool and close to it you won't need a pump to move water through the system.

It will thermosyphon, the rising hot water in the heating hose keeps it all going. The black poly pipe, thin wall, flexible, low psi is very cheap and 1" works fine.

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Hi, I have seen you on videos with Mr. T.! How is the situation in Sosua with the business owner so far?

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