How to arrive in USA with a working cell phone

Last time I landed in the States after a long absence abroad in Colombia I had no wotking cell phone and it caused me a bit of inconvenience. Is there a way to step off the plane on US soil and already have an American SIM card or other work-around?

I wish I knew for sure, as I may be traveling back to the states soon. However, in my mind's eye, I dimly recall seeing kiosks in airports where you can buy SIM. Do not recall the details, but remember seeing them. I would like to know the answer for sure as well.

I bought a sim card thru lycamobile from Mercado Libre you insert the sim as soon as you land to activate it than follow a few instructions depending on your cell phone brand mine was automatic as long as your phone is unlocked had minutes and data for close to 30 days then you can recharge online it gives you a new number you cannot keep your old number but I had data and minutes as soon as I stepped off the plane.

T-Mobil has a 30-day pre-paid sim card. No plans to deal with it.

I used to monkey around with a dual SIM phone and had a TIGO card. One I arrived I would activate the TIGO card and recharge for my stay.

This did work but it was a drag and I would have no data while in my Panama layover.

After that I changed my phone plan to Google Fi.  It works in most countries and uses whatever Cell towers they have.   There is no contract.  Good deal.  You just show up and it works.

If you don't have a newish phone that allows SIM-Less activation, they will send you a SIM card.