RE: Consumer rights

Hi all,

My wife and I are currently in a dispute with C. and they are refusing to allow us to see a record of calls made from our land line over the month of September.

Does anyone know any law we can cite that we can use to force this information from them?

Also, any law that states a signature for goods received is a recognition of exactly that, "goods received" not "correct goods received" or necessarily in working order as the courier simply requires proof they have fulfilled their role.

Thanks all!

Cheaper way.. just tell them you are talking to a lawyer

I am surprised they dont just give you the information

We signed up to receive a 4k tv from them but the tv that arrived was regular HD 1080p, the following day my wife called them and they said "wait 24 hours" so we did, then called again to the same response, rinse and repeat and of course it was 5 days later we were told there was nothing that could be done since we didnt report the problem before 5 days...go figure! So naturally I demanded they send us a record of all the calls made in September to show we did actually call not only within 5 days but every day for 5 days. We are looking to sue them because they are demanding the payments for the 4k tv despite the fact the tv we have been given, and not using, is worth 1/ of the price!

Apparently they do not offer that "service" lol

"te informo que por medio de nuestra factura puede visualizar las llamadas generadas a móviles, sin embargo, si deseas verificar el historial de llamadas a teléfonos fijos no contamos con esta funcionalidad, esta funcionalidad la tienen algunos aparatos telefónicos por defecto. "

Good luck tryingt to sue in Colombia.

You will be waiting 5.years for anything to happen... plus end up paying the .lawyer more than you will get back.
I was suggesting saying you were  talking to a lawyer as a them MAYBE show you the phone records.

Threatening  lawsuits gets me on the next Avianca flight when my scheduled flight gets cancelled