Expat Registered Nurse in Colombia

I tried to search this and I found LOTS of information about Ecuador but not much for Colombia. It's my first post so I apologize if this has been asked and answered.
I'm a Registered Nurse in the US. Does anyone have direct experience with licensure in Colombia? Anything specific I need to research? I speak a little spanish, I would need a couple months immersed in the country to really be fluent but I use some medical Spanish in my career now.
Thanks for your help!!!


For your degree as a Registered Nurse to be recognized in Colombia, you must follow the process of homologación, or convalidación de título.  Here are some links, the last being a complaint/rant by a blogger as to how difficult it is to make this process work (una pesadilla, a nightmare), written from the perspective of a Colombian earning a degree in a foreign country and then trying to get it recognized back in Colombia:

https://www.universia.es/estudiar-extra … acion/4200https://www.mineducacion.gov.co/1759/w3 … redirect=1https://www.revistaarcadia.com/opinion- … mbia/71510

Nurses in Colombia do not earn a whole lot, mostly because no one in the country earns a lot.  It's a poor country with a low cost of living, BUT that's offset by low salaries across the board.  According to this a senior RN with 8 years of experience could expect to earn around 40 million COP/year, about 12,000 USD:

https://www.salaryexpert.com/salary/job … e/colombia

You can also do an internet search for things like

colombia work as registered nurse

...and there are a number of links, none of them very encouraging.

Although your knowledge of medical Spanish is certainly a help, and necessary, that alone is probably not enough to make an employer want to hire you especially if Colombians are available to fill the position.  You can do a search for

colombia empleo enfermera

...and see there are job offers, but many of them are even lower than what I mentioned previously.

A search for

colombia licenciatura enfermera

...will give you many links including this one that explains what's necessary for licensing and a career as a nurse in Colombia.

https://orientacion.universia.net.co/in … -5388.html

Other links under that search explain how nursing in Colombia generally follows the North American model, so much of your knowledge of medical and administrative procedures should carry over nicely for any employment there.

Good Luck, but realize realistically you're fighting an uphill battle!