move from Australia to La Guajira

Hi Everyone,

My Hubby and I are thinking of a move from Sydney Australila to La Guajira. There is a potential for work there.

I am here looking for any people who may comment on El Cerrjon to give me an insiders point of view.

I am also looking for expats who may like to touch base with me.

Anyway...thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello Sal.

Welcome to! :)

Hope you will soon get some informations.


Hi Sal,

I am an expat working in Bogota, Colombia so feel free to contact me via the messaging system with any specific questions. La Guajira is an amazing part of Colombia but incredibly isolated -- I imagine you would be one of very few expats (perhaps the only ones) there, and it's quite far from bigger cities and even the closest airport in Riohacha. The kite surfing potential is supposed to be incredible, and sand dunes going straight into the sea -- it's run by the local tribe rather than the Colombian government as far as I know.

Hope this helps!


Hello Luv2wander, maybe you could also start a new thread on the Bogota forum with your questions related to Bogota. Other members might help. :)

Thank you,

Hi Ellie,
Sorry for the delay in posting a reply. I'd be curious as to your reasons for moving to Colombia... I wouldn't say that Bogota is either peaceful or convenient. There is still considerable petty crime in Bogota, although the wisened traveler wouldn't have much of a problem with this. As for convenient, because Avianca has almost a monopoly (certainly an oligopoly exists), flights in and out of Bogota are very expensive.

As for living in the city, Bogota's weather is not usually to most people's taste. It's very wet and rainy, particularly at this time of year. The cost of most goods that you would buy would probably be almost the same as a Western country, so don't move here for cheaper living! This sounds like I'm painting a negative viewpoint -- I don't wish that at all. I really like living in Colombia, but if I was retired I would definitely pick a different city such as Cartagena or Santa Marta or Medellin. Bogota has the cultural life for sure, but it is a fast paced place to be. The communities outside of/around Bogota are fantastic -- really open and welcoming, although I'm not sure how it would be to live there.

Hope this helps?

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