Become a digital nomad in Colombia

Become a digital nomad in Colombia
Updated 2017-11-09 10:41

Located primarily in the northwest of South America (with some territories in Central America), Colombia welcomes travellers with its Caribbean beaches, cobblestone towns and villages, enigmatic ancient civilisation and a diversity of landscapes.

Why Colombia?

Colombia has a lot of things in its favour for becoming a prime travel destination ' from world-class diving sites to an impressive spread of cultural and historical sights. Digital nomads flock here for beautiful beaches, affordable living costs, and the signature Caribbean flare.

The region does not boast blazing internet speeds but big cities have a good selection of coworking spaces, and you will find free Wi-Fi access in coffee shops in most big cities. However, the high crime rate and a volatile political situation are stopping the country from releasing its full potential as a digital nomad destination.

Best cities to work from

Medellín is a city on the rise as a nomad destination. With its favourable climate, Medellín is known as 'The City of Eternal Spring' and is often compared to Chiang Mai in terms of its well-balanced combination of mountains and greenery with all the amenities of a huge city.

In 2013 the city was awarded the title 'Innovative City of the Year' by The Wall Street Journal and its digital and startup community has been experiencing stable growth. Working here is convenient though, knowing a few phrases in Spanish would definitely come in handy in the day-to-day.

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, offers a purely urban environment compared to Medellín. It is a big cosmopolitan city, Colombia's cultural and economic centre, and a space of modern sophisticated cool. The city is not as warm as Medellín and those working here will have to give up the t-shirt weather in favour of a larger selection of urban amenities: lots of coworking spaces, expats, business centres, and so on.

The internet and coworking spaces

Colombia's average internet speed is estimated under 10Mbps. With a very limited number of internet service providers, the country is not the best choice if you are looking for blazing download speeds.

There are a lot of coworking spaces in Colombia, and you can find free Wi-Fi in coffee shops, and diners across the city. So, finding a place to work from will be easy and convenient.

Coworking spaces in Medellín

Nodo, Calle 40 #6542

Atomhouse coworking, Calle 8 #43a - 49

Epicentro, Carrera. 45 #5A 37

Coworking spaces in Bogota

AtomHouse, Carrera 7 #69-17

Work&Go, Calle 95, Cl. 95 #11a - 94

COLABORA SPACE, Calle 120a #6A-16

Leisure in Colombia

From easy access to breathtaking countryside views to rich cultural heritage, there is a lot to see and explore in Colombia. You can travel to the beautiful island of San Andrés or discover the canyons of Chicamocha National Park. Colombian National Museum and the Botanical Garden of Medellín are some of the main urban attractions.

What to know before arriving

Residents of a large number of countries (including the residents of all European Union countries) can travel to Colombia visa-free for up to 90 days. Those who do not come from visa-exempt countries will need to apply for a visa in advance from the Colombian Embassy or Consulate in their home country.


When travelling in Colombia, make sure not to go beyond tourist zones approved for travel. The country's complicated political situation and a relatively high crime rate make certain places unsafe. Moreover, it is not recommended to openly carry high-priced valuables (laptops, expensive smartphones, etc.) when walking on the streets after dark or in remote areas.

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