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Thought this place may be the place to help me. Im new to the forum so excuse me if my questions have been covered in previous posts.

I live in the UK married to a Colombian woman. We have a 2 kids and are seriously thinking to move to Bogota in the near future. Our main concern is work. Im an artworker for a packaging design agency in London and want to know if they have artworkers in Colombia? If anyone could help it would be mostly appreciated.


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Hey guys -

I thought my experience might be a good place for you to start.

After finishing my MBA, I was looking for marketing jobs in Spanish-speaking Latin America - Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, anywhere.  I sent out a few dozen resumes without ever getting a reply.  I speak Spanish, and wrote these emails in Spanish, so I don't think it will be easy to find these kinds of jobs from your home country.  I couldn't anyway.  Multi-nationals who need a gringo in these countries are more likely to send someone they already employ than hire someone new / unfamiliar.

I was still in college so I joined AIESEC, which specializes in placing students in internships abroad.  As soon as I joined and was entered into the database, I had access to dozens of jobs in Latin America - in my field.  The downside is that AIESEC gigs pay very low - usually only enough to survive.  I received many replies and ended up taking a job in Arequipa, Peru.  That position worked out well and they ultimately offered me a permanent position with a raise.

Before moving to Peru, I got TESOL-certified to teach English as a backup plan since I wasn't returning to the States, but making a new life and I might get hard up for money.

After the job in Peru played itself out, I relocated to Bogota, Colombia in a new, entrepreneurial effort.  I'm teaching English for the regular paycheck and work visa.  A work visa is especially important in Colombia because the Colombian government limits tourist visits to 6 months in a calendar year.

In conclusion, it will be difficult to find work in your field from your home country, and virtually impossible if you don't speak Spanish.  But you can teach English anywhere.  The key is to find an English school that will sponsor a work visa.

Hope this helps!


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