My advice to anyone who is thinking about  Direct TV  service??? in Medellin
I am two weeks into a program?? that I have purchased and cannot receive.  Because  ????? who knows and they just dont care
Nice people selling what could be a great product but they have no concept of the word service its a four letter word to them.
Not one English speaker in the office- not one bit of instruction as to who, what, where .when  and why - in English  about their version  of their program. A joke for sure
At best a third world approach

Umm sorry we are in Bogota since March!
Directv is awsome for us! they have a quality of HD chanels
lot of english programs baby chanels in english!

you may have in mind that you are in Southamerica and things work diferent here than the state or europe

is not they fault they don't speak english
is maybe you who don't speak spanish

diferent country diferent attitude

really hope you can find the answer to your problems

Kind regards

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