Call the US from Colombia

I am trying to find out how to call a US 1-800 number from Colombia. I have Claro phone service. I saw online many conflicting things. One place said the exit code for Claro was 00444. Then I saw the exit code for Colombia was 90. Another said it was 9007005. Each said to just then dial the 1-800 number. None of these options worked at all. Is Skype a better option? I don't have it, does it cost anything? I am willing to pay just to reach Social Security!

Have to tried whatsapp ? or maybe they have an international line you can reach


hey .. mobile phone to land line requires different  exit codes… ie: mobile to mobile … 00444… country code in USA.. 1.. then the number… 004441

land line from Colombia to land  line .. exit code. 00456…. Country code  then the number

check. With your carrier in Colombia.. you might need to pay extra fees…..

I had to activate two new debit cards recently and used Google Voice to do it. Of course, I've heard Google Voice needs to be setup from the U.S., so may not be an option for you.

One troubling thing I noted when I reset my Xiaomi Redmi 9 and reinstalled my Google Voice app is, I was forced to give the app a phone number that is not my Google Voice number, so it can forward calls to it. I haven't had to do that with my Moto X4, but it runs Android 9, while the Xiaomi runs Android 12. My backup dialing app is Groove IP, but I guess new subscribers have to pay for a subscription.

TIGO has a 100% unlimited service to the USA......I pay under $100K COP ............. all the other cell providers do NOT have unlimited .............. I talk at least 20 to 30 hours a month to the USA and have been using TIGO for over 5 years and will NOT switch to any other provider.  On TIGO I dial 00414 then 1 and the # I am calling in the USA

I can call both USA and Colombian land and cellular on the TIGO unlimited and talk all I want

If you have Claro, you can get different plans.  Mine is 5 hours free to the US for under $60k.  Plenty for me.

To dial out from Claro to the US: 00444 1-areacode-number.

On another note: If you are calling an 800 number, like a bank, they will know you are calling from Colombia.  Some banking/finance institutions won't do business with you if they know you are out of the US more than 6 months...

To call 1-800 numbers I buy Llama Ya cards for $5000 COP. I think they are for 15 minutes of talk time. I have a Claro plan for 'unlimited' US calling (not to 1-800 numbers) that costs just under $38,000 COP.

Another option is a dual esim phone.  one esim from the US and one from Moviestar.  I havent checked recently, but as of a couple years ago moviestar was the only cellular provider in Colombia that offered esims.

Her is my work around trick, I call US 800 numbers using SKYPE, have been doing this when needed for the past 5 years, works good enough and it's free.

@cathyfholt Get magic Jack or some other VOIP service. Dont screw around with Claro