Keeping up with the news in Colombia

Hello everyone,

Living in Colombia provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in Colombia? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

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Priscilla wrote:

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

CNN .. “With All Due Respect” on Bloomberg TV .. the New York Times and Washington Post websites .. NBC News and Fox News websites .. for Ecuador and South America news .. and the MSNBC website for Lawrence O'Donnell's program “The Last Word.”

I have been getting the first two via DirecTV at my hotel, the Aroma Mocawa in Armenia.

cccmedia on the road in Eje Cafetero, Colombia

For news in Colombia, mostly newspapers - El País in Cali ( ) and El Tiempo in Bogotá (

I also listen to various FM and AM radio stations in various cities in Colombia - all of them via the internet and/or via the iHeart and TuneIn apps.

I prefer to read:


Hope this is useful. . .

Plimsol wrote:

Hope this is useful. . .

The link to The Bogota Post is a good one, Plimsol. 

It's in English.   

Many Expats who are fairly fluent in conversational Spanish can easily get lost in Spanish-language newspaper lingo.

When I visited today, The Post was reporting that peace and resolution talks between the COL government and the ELN (so-called liberation army) are starting later this month.

Unlike the parallel talks with FARC, which have been -- and presumably will resume -- in Havana, Cuba .. the ELN talks will be held here in Quito, according to the Post website.

cccmedia in Quito, Ecuador