Receiving SMS's sent from abroad?

Hi, I have a Movistar/Tigo SIM card and I noticed I cannot receive SMS's sent from overseas. I sometimes need to get verification SMS's, etc. Does anybody know if there is a trick to getting SMS's like this? Maybe a SIM with another network like Claro? Has anybody got this work?

I also have a German SIM and would like it to connect with local Colombian networks and receive SMS's. Has anybody got an international SIM to work well with local networks?

Hmmm I think you need to have a dual-sim phone. I've been using dual-sim phones whenever traveling outside the USA, it just makes sense. I maintain my Google Fi sim card as SIM1, then put a LOCAL Claro or Tigo sim card in the SIM2. Even though my local service is the one that's "selected" 97% of the time, SIM1 is technically on "Standby" and so I still get SMS messages that are sent to my USA number. I can also send SMS messages. All without having to switch to SIM1.

However, for making calls or using Mobile data via Google Fi, THEN I have to deliberately switch to SIM1 and do those things. I rarely need to, however.

Same approach I took when I visited Nigeria for 5 weeks.

All in all, it's seamless. I dunno the exact reason that dual-sim phones are not more popular in the USA... probably same reason that we still use the Imperial System. And honestly, dual-sim phones cost same or less than single-sim phones.

@ChineduOpara I have a dual SIM with my Tigo selected, but cannot receive SMS's from abroad to either SIM number. Are you sure it works with Tigo, or just Claro?

@ChineduOpara I have a dual SIM with my Tigo selected, but cannot receive SMS's from abroad to either SIM number. Are you sure it works with Tigo, or just Claro?

Hmm I have same setup as you (dual-sim, Tigo service), and it all works as I described. I can receive SMS messages to both lines.  Maybe the difference is the handset... I have a Samsung Galaxy SM-A136U1

Many years ago I started using a Jetpack or MiFi device when traveling through Latin America.  This past March I was in Bogota, Puerto Inirida and Santa Marta and this device along with a Claro SIM card allowed me to send/receive texts from the US.  Basically this device creates your own private WiFi.  Using this portable device allowed me to have Internet for my phone and laptop whereever I was, vital for using google maps or Uber.  I don't receive many phone calls because I tell everyone not to bother me.  WhatsApp is highly recommended for all calls.


How can our members obtain this aparato

so they can have individual WiFi in this way?

cccmedia, member, experts team

Retailers such as Best Buy and Verizon Wireless sell them. However they are expensive and require activation when purchased new.

Check eBay, OfferUp or similar outlets for electronics.

As I said I have used the device in Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. When I arrive to my destination I go to a provider (Claro seems to be the better in Latin America, just my opinion) and request a SIM card for data only. This past trip to Colombia I paid $31,000.00 COP for 9 GB. If you need more data its easy to recharge your account.

@emerald788 You can get SMS s from your Colombian number, but banks and financial institutions, etc. , wont always send a verification code to an overseas number

Dual sin cards are good. Used my Colombian phone in Europe,

But that is a different question from what the Op posted.

You can get overseas SMSs on your Colombian phone, if he other party agrees to send them

@orgullodemexico I think Tigo used to sell this device but stopped.

I did not realize you could use Jetpack(i believe verizion) or MiFi( Tmobile?) here

are we talking about the same thing?

By activation do you mean you need to have a US data plan too?