Investor TRC for Poland

Hi, I have invested in a local polish company and submitted documents on 18 Dec 2019. The latest update on the Masovian Voivodship website (MUW WSC) says that I can book an appointment for a stamp in the passport and the second point says that: All files along with appeal have been sent to Head of the Foreigners Affairs Department” on 1 Sep 2020. Just before this on 16 Aug 2020, I was asked by my partner that the voivodship has asked for my original marriage certificate. So, what does this all mean? Was my decision negative earlier? Can it again be negative? Is there any possibility of success in my case. I am now furious because it has been over a year. Please suggest or advise.

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I notice you're asking the same question with not a lot of luck.  I know nothing about Poland, but there is a guy on YouTube  who I suspect can help you (that link will take you straight to his chat about TRC in Poland).

Hope this helps a bit.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic, My question is about investor TRC. The link that you have shared I already saw that. Unfortunately, the guy who uploaded the video or similar such videos about Poland is useless. They are not at all informative. I suppose you may review my question again.

Hi again.

I can find no information that will answer your question; all I can suggest is that you contact the agent that you use to initiate your application and see if they can help you further.

Expat Team

I appreciate your kind reply Cynic. I understand. Actually, the agent seems to be playing games. So, let me see what I can do because I will be flying soon in Poland. I need to come by myself and solve this mystery. Thanks once again.

Hello. I had the same thing. My lawyer didn't inform me but after almost one year I found out that I had a negative decision and my case was transferred to the Head Office. By my personal experience I can tell that appeal cases can take very long time. I decided to quit my lawyer and fortunately I found a good company (the name is Audytowanie. pl ). They advised me just to submit a new file. After we did that it took me around 4 month to get the card. Some of my friends told me that I cannot apply a second case but it came through quite nicely although I was a bit afraid at the time. To be honest I think it is hard to do the case if you don't speak Polish so the most difficult thing is to find a good trustworthy lawyer. I had good experience with Audytowanie. pl company so I advise people to contact them.
God bless you friend.