Poland Visit from New Zealand

I understand that New Zealand citizens need not have visa to travel to Poland. New Zealand is listed in Visa free countries on Poland official site. I am basically from India and working in New Zealand under skilled migrant category. So do I need to have a visa to travel or may be do some business in Poland. Basically I wish to start new business in New Zealand, so just want to confirm if I need to apply for Poland TRC or my skilled category migration to New Zealand allows me to travel visa free there. Any pointers would be really appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

I think that if you need a viza or not depends on your passport, not on country you work. The best place to ask seems to me is polish ambacy.

If you are a citizen of India, you need a visa in Poland.
If you had a visa of any country that is a member of the European Union (Germany or Lithuania, for example), then you could visit Poland and stay here for a limited period of time (30 days, if I recall correctly) even without a Polish visa. Otherwise not.
Good luck!

All Indian passport holders require a visa prior to entering Poland regardless of which country they are travelling from.


New Zealand citizens can travel to Poland without a visa only for tourism.

An Indian citizen needs to have a visa to travel to Poland – even if he wants to come here as a tourist.


Wojciech Zacharski

you want to visit only poland ?
for TRC you should have to stay long term in poland and youshould be regestered as worker or student in poland to get TRC.

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