Hi all

hi I'm from mexico and i will be  moving to warsaw or krakow not sure yet what city i will be flying at the end of April, and Im looking for a job as a chef i have a lot of experience 12 years to be precise, if someone can help me with some info where to look it will be great, thanks a lot

Hi 1nombre,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

In order to help you to choose the city, i think that you will find some interesting information on the Poland forum, please see topics on both Warsow and Krakow forum.

Concerning your request for job, i advise you to drop it in the Chef job offers in Poland section please, maybe it can help. :)


Restaurants in Warsaw are always looking for someone new and talented :) there isn't much good Mexican food here so please come! Maybe start your own place???

Thanks for the info, so you think I won't have a problem to find a job in warsaw, my fiancé is polish and this is the only reason I'm moving there but I'm a little afraid that I won't be able to find a Job I speak English and Spanish but no polish at all.

I know of a few American cooks/chefs who work here without any Polish. I even met an American who knows a lot about the restaurant business here, he might be able to help. But Warsaw is very international so not knowing Polish isn't a problem :)

Ohh wow I feel much better now, I really aprenciate the info do you think that maybe you can help to contact some of this people so I can get more information about trying to get a job there. It will mean a lot to me thanks again.