Polish wife + American husband moving to Poland.

Hello everyone, I'm new here, but I think I'm in a right place.
My husband and I are thinking about relocating to Poland, but have really hard time figuring out how to move overseas, and also what to do after we get there - I still am a citizen there and speak the language, but my husband does not.
We have no family here in US, and very little fam in Poland...
I'm not worried about a place to live, we have an apartment available in my home town, but... what do we do for income? I've been in US for 15 years now, and know very little about how living in Poland is nowadays - when I left we weren't even in EU and  I know economy and politics have changed quite a lot since then. I have no credit history or work history in Poland, I've never filed taxes there, basically spent my whole adult life here in US.
I would like to hear from American spouses who took a leap of faith and moved to Poland - how was your start? did you have a plan or just went and figured it out? Where did you get all your info from?
Anything and everything will be helpful.

I don't have the kind of experience that you are looking for, but at least I can inform you that bringing your husband should not be a problem thanks to EU rules applying also to Poland. Details are to be found here: europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/residence/index_en.htm
Good luck!

Yeah! My family life mirrored your own, 12 years in the USA and then the decision to seek a better life in Poland and the EU! There is nothing here but public greed & rudeness, political corruption on all levels, national drunkenness, nationalist fascist sentiment, gender bias and for a foreigner that doesn't possess Polish language skills: a quick trip to Family Court for a divorce of guilt! Even if your marriage is rock solid and you have the very best of intentions you'll get caught up in a whirlwind of deceit.

Do yourselves a favor: STAY AWAY!

Hi The_Ugly_American,

Welcome on board :)

Not sure if this is the kind of spirit we really want members to have when posting on the Forum as in it's your first post and it's full on negative points. Of course you can share with us some of your personal experiences and thinking but I reckon you can tell us or point out some positives facts as well as both can be helpful please.

Thank you :)


I moved to Poland one year ago, after 17 years in US and 3 years in Belgium. Now I'm looking to move back to US.
It's not as bad as The_Ugly_American described, but you need a lot of patience.
As for the income it's really hard to find a decent job for decent pay. The agreement against double taxation is fictional - I had to pay taxes in Poland for US income (already taxed in US). Credit history works differently, but you have to have permanent job (1 year contract doesn't count even with sure extension) to get any credit.
For the start buy a car on allegro or similar site, but not too cheap. Diesel or LPG. Above 7,000 pl will give you good transportation to start the adventure.

pawelga wrote:

It's not as bad as The_Ugly_American described,

A way of saying something without saying it.

14 years stuck in Poland. No work. I was a wheel in my home. I had no clue I would not be able to do more than English petting zoo. Hard worker. Entrpreneur. Competent.  All the things that had me golden back home leave me outside the loop here. I even taught business for one semester at UW and was not paid, in case you're wondering why I did not return. Lots of stories. I had three such experiences at universities. I had many problems with employees - some pissing off clients.

Look, my gripe is that I stayed too long. I spent it all. I was optimistic, and had a strong belief in myself. I could do it. But this place is cut throat with a veneer of friendliness.

pawelga wrote:

I moved to Poland one year ago, after 17 years in US and 3 years in Belgium. Now I'm looking to move back to US.

Enough said. And only one-year here.
Do not waste your life. It is too precious.

The most positive thing I can think of - in case someone wants to criticise me for being negative - is to have something to be positive about.

Hi there,
I'm an expat in Poland myself, moved to Warsaw 8 years ago. I'm German, my (now ex-) husband is Polish, and he got offered a job in a hotel here. I've been working as a freelance teacher of English, in language schools, or issueing invoices directly to companies or individuals. There is great demand for English classes! Also, this year I started selling English books at book fairs in schools and kindergardens for the British publisher Usborne. The conditions are great, and in Poland this is just starting - there's still lots of room for development! You are very flexible as an Usborne rep and can work anywhere in Europe. More info on my website - org.usbornebooksathome.co.uk/lisasgreatbooks/
You can also email me with questions, [email protected]
Good luck!!
Lisa Jasinski

Sorry, i disagree. As a visible foreigner living here for the past 4 years and married longer to a pole, I have not experienced what you say

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