Moving to Poland

Hi everybody,
I m going to move to Poland (Wroclaw). I have no idea what I will do there. My boyfriend is engineer. He is traveling a lot. I m from Kiev, Ukraine. I am working as Deputy Personal Assistant for 6 years.
Can you advice me how I can find any job without knowledge of polish. My education is Economics, Business administration and I know english and spanish.
I will be thankfull everyone for any idea.

Thank you! I will do my best.

Do you know anything about real estate market in Wroclaw or Krakow. Firstly, we will look for apartment to rent. After I think about mortgage. Cause I would like to live in the city, not in 20 km out of city. Thanks.

Hi, am a graduate of science laboratory technology, i wish to move into Poland to reside and work.
I am a smart young lady with high level of verbal and written communications skills, who is always ready to learn new things within the fastest possible time. I am hardworking, time conscious and have “can do it” attitude. I am organized and give attention to details. I have the ability to document work incidents and carry out follow up activities. I have Strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to a co-operative and collaborative working.
Please can anyone be of help.