Organize your move to Poland

Hi all,

we invite you to share your experience about moving to Poland.

Here is a list of questions which might help the ones preparing their move to Poland:

What would you bring and what would you leave behind?

Is it a good idea to bring furniture or domestic appliances?

Any foodstuffs that are banned in Poland?

Is it better to bring a car or to buy one once settled in Poland?

Any advice for the ones who are moving to Poland?

Thank you in advance for your participation :)

you should bring money :) thats the only thing you need here. also its hard here to find a good rice cooker hahahah im serious about it. about car i have no idea but it depends from which country you are comming from.

Hi givmaster!

Thanks for your help ;)


Great topic and very relevant to my current situation. We are planning to move to Gdansk next May. From the UK. So all your questions are great and I am looking forward to more replies.