Family reunification-pending documents

Dear expats,

I am new to this forum; but, not new in Belgium. I have question and would like to have your experience/view on this.

I applied for family reunifcation visa from VFS mumbai during February2020. Last week, application status chnaged to 'Waiting for pending documents'. I got update from Belgian consulate, Mumbai that, the rental contract is needed. (Though,i already submitted with original application).
then, i sent the scan of the registared contract to Belgian consulate Mumbai and immigration office in Brussels by email the same day.

The office acknowledged the receipt of this document.
Today i notice that the application status again chnaged to 'En traitemnt'. Is that normal?
becuase, i read in some other posts that after reception of pending documents the visa was approved within a week. for me, its more than a week for me.
by seesing the status 'en traitement' again, im bit worried.

does anyone faced similar situation in status changes ?

thank you.


if they did ask for your rental contract, they were expecting for the "MyRent" document.

They're just "working" and the current status is "normal". The process continue, no need to worry.
But remember that no visa for family reunion will be granted for now.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the reply.

I provided soft copies of the actual rental contract i signed with my landlord + the registered copy also. i sent them directly to immigration office mailbox.

yes. i read that family visas not issues at the moment. but, the immigratio office can take the decision.
i hear from friends that their reunification visa got approved. but, visa not issued yet.

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