Gathering information on changes in France post crisis...

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all doing well in France. We are putting together an article on the post-crisis changes in France for to-be expats or expats looking to get updates. And no one would be in a better position to provide us with, not only up-to-date information, but also practical expat insights on the situation in the country.

We've set up a list of questions we thought would be useful, would you be willing to help us out with these? If we have missed anything, please add any information you think might be relevant.

What are the current regulations for entering France? (quarantine, health checks, fees involved…)

Have there been visa changes recently? (new visas, cancelled visas etc…)

Is it easy to find work in France following the crisis? (working conditions for foreigners, quotas, new areas of work, incentives for remote working…)

How would you view the French healthcare system in light of the crisis? (response to the COVID-19, how to get tested for COVID-19…)

Has anything changed regarding universities and schools? (safety for foreign students, changes regarding student visas or conditions…)

How is the real estate market following the crisis? (price, availability…)

Has the cost of living changed because of the crisis in France?

How about lifestyle? Have there been major changes in habits following the sanitary crisis? (measures in public spaces, new habits to adopt…)

We will condense the gathered information in one and the same article and publish it in a specific section of our France guide. Thank you so much for your help! The information you will provide will be of infinite help to someone looking to move to France or to anyone living there but is not quite sure where to find these updates!

Have a glorious day and a glorious week-end!

Apparently there s no masks now yet some places still insist on masks what's the legal position ?thankyou

jeffbawden1952 wrote:

Apparently there s no masks now yet some places still insist on masks what's the legal position ?thankyou

Do you live in France?

The best place to check out the current rules is the website. Masks only have to be worn on public transport and inside hospitals and doctors etc. Although many people are still wearing them inside supermarkets.

The French way is to respect other people's space and choices. So I have my mask with me at all times. I still wear it inside stores and around anyone that is wearing a mask or looks uncomfortable. Nothing is 100% protection so I am as careful as I can be without stepping on anyone's toes.