Life in Pau, Pyrerenees

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has moved to Pau in France and what their thoughts on life there are?

My partner and myself are considering moving to France and were wondering about Pau as a potential option. We currently live in the UK and would like to move to France, in a mid-sized city where life is more affordable and Pau seems appealing. We are planning to visit in the summer to get an idea.

So far reading from other forum threads about Pau I seem to see a bit of everything: it’s boring, too quiet etc that kind of thing and other testimonials mention the opposite... I suppose part of the experience is also down to how you integrate in local community?

Looking forward to hearing from others

We recently relocated to Pau from Cape Town South Africa. My husband is from PAU and I am Zimbabwean.
I also have found that people have so many mixed feelings about PAU. The older generation seem to love settling here and then there is us who seem to want a bit of pace. We are a couple in our 30s and 40s.

I personally find Pau to be too slow, but again I love my peace and quiet especially after a long day.
I think for children this is a lovely place to raise them, my 9yo did say she prefers Pau to Cape Town. We also have visited Toulouse and Bordeaux and my children again mentioned they prefer Pau. So I guess I lost the bet on this one.

Anyway besides the speed, which I find myself craving for😊, people here are friendly (obviously not 100%). I find the men know what "honour ladies" actually means, people greet each other, give way to each other and are more respectful.

Also there is so much outdoors activities around and I love that too about a city. I am not much of a planner so waking up and deciding we are going to the mountains or we are going to Spain now, has been a dream come true for me.

So out of 10 I would give Pau 8, obviously I still reserve the 2 for my big city life craving lol.

But all in all I love this city however I realised there are not many options for English speaking jobs, so if you are like me and need to get a job I suggest learning your French ASAP.

All the best with the move.

As to life in Pau, I have visited there both of the last two years. Spent two months there last summer, and I've met so many wonderful and interesting people. There is an active group of English speakers, the oldest golf club on the Continent, beautiful views of the Pyrenees, good weather, etc. I'll be there from May 16 to the end of June this summer and will be actively looking for a place to call home as I live in Texas at present. Strongly recommend this place.  Dennis McCuistion

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