moving to France from New York

Are shipping container companies worth the $'s?

Hello, I moved to France from the NY/NJ area last year. We used a shipping container company because we wanted to keep most of our items (e.g. family heirlooms, treasured books, items that our pets preferred to have in the house, etc.) Granted, it was expensive but we wanted to feel as settled as we could. If you don't have too many items to bring, then you can likely make the move without using a shipping company. If you want to discuss who we used or have other questions about the move, please feel free to message me. Good luck.

I am thinking to move from north carolina to carcassonne france.which company did you use and what was the cost door to door Thanks

The company I used was based in NY so I am not sure that they could help you in North Carolina. It was called "My International Movers". The cost will be based on how much stuff you are taking, whether you will have your own shipping container(s), and how far you will be from Marseille. Any mover will prepare an estimate for you. Good luck with your move.

I don't think they are worth it. Normally when people move from one country to another they use a moving company or freight forwarder and get quoted per cubic meter and given an overall quotation to move all their belongings. A 20 ft container has an internal volume of almost 30 cubic meters. A 40 ft container has double that. Now if you are planning to move house and can really fill a container then yes it is worth doing it because FCL is far cheaper than LCL cargo. And, removal companies or freight forwarders quite often over quote the volume of your goods.

The container ship would probably arrive at Le Havre, the main international port in France, and the french company that works with your own forwarding company would clear customs for you and then "truck" your container to your home, and you would need to arrange for some workers to unload the container.

The freight forwarder in your country will already have a company in France that they regularly cooperate with and will give you the total cost of everything.

However, you really need to decide if you have enough goods to fill a container or whether you just want to ship a few cubic meters of personal effects and buy new or used in France. Also, the freight forwarder is very experienced in shipping peoples personal effects when they move overseas.


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