Finding a job and sorting out accommodation

Hi all
My name is Mark I'm looking at a move to Spain
I'm a bricklayer/plasterer and wondering if someone could give me some advice on finding a job and sorting out accommodation
Cheers Mark

Hello Mark brckie,

Welcome to :)

In which part of the country are you planning to move?

For the moment, I would suggest that you read the following articles to get an overall view on getting hired and finding a place to stay in Spain:

- Working in Spain
- Accommodation in Spain

Both of these articles are from our Living in Spain guide: you should consider browsing through more articles in the ''Work'' and ''Accomodation'' section which focus on specific towns/cities/regions as way to explore the possibilities which may lie ahead for you,

Lastly, do create your CV and submit it in the Jobs in Spain section.

Hopefully, you will also receive and benefit from responses of members who have some knowledge on opportunities in your field of work.

Best of luck,


Hi Mark

Which cities are you interested in going? Anyway the construction industry here is full of South Americans on work level so some sort of Spanish language will be really helpful.

From my observation the scale of the development projects are quite small, meaning most of the developers build projects with say fewer than 50 units, unlike in the north America or the UK. That means there are lots of small companies rather than a few major developers. You may want to find some online and send them emails directly to enquire. Their HR or anyone who handles your enquiry might be able to advise you on the visa process too. Good luck

Hi Mark.
I just sent you a long message....then deleted it accidentally 🤪.
Ok, I basically said...I live in the Valencian region , a large town called Ontinyent.  40 mins from the beach at Gandia , and under an hour from the airports at Alicante (best for cheap flights) and Valencia.  You can rent a flat here for €400 + bills. You can buy one for €20,000. Houses with land/garden aren't much more. If you haven't got a pool it's vital to spend €400 ish on a jacuzzi style dipping pool (Amazon sell the Intex brand)...the weather gets brutal. It's mid 90s today, and 104°f on Wednesday!🥵. Work wise,  Spain goes on holiday in August,  so most places close down, depending where you live. Buy plenty of thin, cheap, white Primark tshirts - you'll need them !. If you're good at your job and you price right, have a good standard of finish, and clean up after yourself, you will do well. The Spanish tradesmen,  in my experience,  have a poor standard of workmanship. You can do plenty of 'foreigners' , but I'd advise getting registered at the town hall (ajuntamiento) as there are lots of curtain twitchers around!. If you can't speak Spanish,  bear in mind you'll need to pay €10 - 20 per hour for a translator.  The good ones carry cards as proof they've done a course. If you decide to come here, and move near me , I have your first job already!. I need the outside walls of my small bungalow doing. There's loads more I could write Mark, but get back to me with any other questions.  I wish you well. Regards,  from John.

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