Looking for English spoken jobs in Spain :)

Hi there,

I am looking to move to Spain about 20 mins away from Alicante, my current job will not allow me to work remotely so I am wondering if it is possible to apply for a job in Spain and then apply for a visa that way? Please help!

also if anyone has any info on where I can look for sponsored jobs that would be great :)

@siatay hello and welcome on board !

Feel free to create your CV in the Jobs in Spain section of the website to provide details on your search and qualifications. You might land an opportunity.

You may also read the articles of the Work in Spain section of the Guide to gather as much information as possible. We have included some jobs specialised websites in each of the article.

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Thank you for your help and information,

if I was lucky enough to land a job from one of these, how would I then go about applying for visas and what kind of visa would I have to apply for? Xx

thank you :)

@siatay You need to contact the Spanish Embassy

I don't know about jobs that sponsor visas, but I have been able to work and live in Spain on a student visa teaching English. Once you do that for two or three years, I think, then you can modify it to a work visa.  Something to explore, or at least get you set up in Alicante until you find that job that'll sponsor you. I went through Canterbury English, based in Madrid. But they wil let you work from anywhere in Spain. I have been with them 5 years and it's been a pleasure.

Best of luck!



Thank you very much for your response. Please assist with the minimum figures. How much can I expect to make per month doing part time teaching in Barcelona. Can I be able to pay rentals and university fees from part time teaching? Your response is very important to me as it will assist me in planning. Thank you very much and many blessings.

@siatay You will need a Spanish address , medical insurance , medical check, police check and funds to prove you can support yourself, but contact the Spanish consulate in your country to ask what other documentation you require, and how much your visa will cost.

I went to a English school the other day for an interview, to teach children up to a group size of 10 it was €10 an hour, teaching adults business studies a group of about 6 ,it was €12 a hour, approx. 40 hours a month , as English schools really only operate when the children finish school. Teaching contracts  normally run from Oct to mid July, so that they don't have to pay holidays  This is not enough to even buy food for a month, so you would probably need another job, plus have something lined up for the summer , you could probably teach online but so many are doing it that competition is fierce , and parents normally want native british speakers with a good accent as a lot of the classes focus on speaking skills. Good luck!!


Thank you very much