Computer Monitor Rental in Barcelona?

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I'm hoping to rent an external monitor to use with my laptop once I arrive in Barcelona next week. Does anyone have any recommendations on stores that do this? The only ones I've found are purchase only.


Um... do you remember why they're called laptops? :-)

I'd imagine there are rental options for computers and AV equipment, so perhaps they can rent a monitor only. But I'd expect the cost to be uneconomic, as you can get your very own monitor for $150 or so. I just checked on and there's a 24" full HD one for 120 euros... and you can order it and have waiting for you when you arrive. That's probably a load less hassle (and cheaper) than spending your time going around Barcelona looking for a shop that will rent you one.

You don't say why you want the external monitor, and If you're a software engineer you might really need it. But maybe you just want to make your laptop a bit more comfortable for an extended stay? I do like big second monitors, and I have used them in the past. However, I've found that I can make my laptop more office- (and neck-) friendly by using - instead of an external monitor - one of those laptop stands (around $30) which raises the laptop screen to almost eye level. Coupled with a wireless keyboard and mouse set ($60 ish).

The other issue is a chair, which often gets overlooked. If you're in a co-working space or similar, they should have proper office chairs. But I reckon it's better to invest in a decent chair, and work from the comfort of your rental apartment. I would definitely not want to work for a couple of months while sitting on a regular dining table chair! So you might also want to invest in your very own comfy chair.

My product links will probably get deleted, so, instead, check out and their laptop stand (soporte de portátil MERN regulable negro) which I have is only 20 euros. And has several options (set teclado raton inalámbrico) for 35 euros or less. Plus Amazon has decent chairs (silla escritorio or silla gaming) for around 100 euros. You can also add some headphones (auriculares inalámbricos gaming) for about 60 euros so you can Zoom your colleagues back home.

Sorry to spend all your money! But it's a very good investment of less than 250 euros, and you'll be amazed how comfy (and productive) you are. And you can probably sell them to your landlord when you leave. :-)

I really like this setup (stand + wireless kit + headphones + proper chair), and I have it in both my Bulgarian and Spanish apartments, and just carry my laptop.

Pardon my messiness, but I've just taken a quick photo of this setup so you can see what it looks like! … sp=sharing

Monitors are so cheap you are likely to have problems finding one to rent.

Perhaps you might like to consider using a TV. I have a Chromebook with two 32" TV as monitors - works great.
I also have an LED monitor that's about as thin as a tablet - that has USB and HDMI inputs so I can use it with my Chromebook, tablet, and phone - cheap, easy to carry, and works a treat when I'm out and about.
If you need portable, a small LED projector works a treat as a second monitor. I used one for years so I can tell you the idea works.[/url]

Well, an update... I've been spending a lot of time on my laptop recently... and my eyes really hurt. So I got a great Samsung 24" LED monitor (it's the curved one, very fancy) for 130 euros on Amazon. It's about 100X times better than the laptop screen for serious work. :-)

yes this is the bane of digital nomad coders! I actually found a IT orange oversize suitcase that fits my 27" 2k dell...i pack it face down in original box with a layer of shoes and clothes beneath and it has already survived 5 flights! And the suitcase is not so big so it hasn't triggered oversize charges yet, most folks just look for weight.

But I'm considering also pairing my 16mbp with ipad pro and 17" external monitors...16bmp m1 max/pro support 2 external monitors, and this is very portable.

I would never pack a monitor inside a suitcase; the styrofoam molds inside the original packaging aren't impact resistant as far as I know. Whenever I've traveled and worked out of town, even overseas, the laptop and other electronics travel with me in the cabin.

While I lived in Portugal, there was a chain of stores that were a cross of a pawn's office and a thrift shop. There I got a 19-inch flat monitor for 3 months on the cheap (it was used, I'd pay about 20 euros a month or so), which then I sold back to the store for a paltry 20 euros, if memory serves.

The original poster doesn't say what he or she does for work on a laptop and why a monitor is needed. No word of dimensions either, so it is hard to gauge what kind of advice to give. The cost of monitors is so low that Gwnj's advice stands: buy one on Amazon. But be prepared to leave it behind, depending on where you are going back to.

Looking for monitors to rent.  I would need 14 monitors (larger than 24") for 7 people.  We are brokers and need the monitors to be in working condition as to not lose connection or have an errors when brokering.  We will be in a flexible work space in Diagonal and will be needing them from July 17th- August 4th.  Thank you!

Looking for monitors to rent. I would need 14 monitors (larger than 24") for 7 people. We are brokers and need the monitors to be in working condition as to not lose connection or have an errors when brokering. We will be in a flexible work space in Diagonal and will be needing them from July 17th- August 4th. Thank you!

Portable is good if you're working from a temp office. … p143-black

That is in Jakarta but the monitors are Chinese so likely available all over the world. Smaller, 10 inch, units are also available - They may be especially handy if you travel.

These things are amazingly light and thin so very easy to pack. I will buy a 10 inch one to go with my Chromebook tablet.

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