How to apply EU Blue Card in Spain

Hi all !!
Do anyone know how to apply EU Blue card in Madrid?
I am from Vietnam. I got a job as developer here 10 months ago, my NIE has info "highly skilled". I read the requirements of EU Blue card and I have enough all the requirements but I dont know how to apply it in Madrid. :(

Ask the Spanish immigration authorities in Madrid.

Click on the following link, it will lead you to the site of the Seguridad Social where you can apply for.

Once applied, you will receive it in 10 days. It has no cost. It will cover you for unplanned events within the EU when traveling

Here's the explanation of it's benefits:

Good luck!.

I think he means this one:

Hi everybody! I'm from India, would like to get some basic information about Murcia like life cost, house rent, children school (both public and International) and etc. Right now i am waiting for approval to work in Murcia,  i signed my work agreement already, so how long it may take to get approval? Do i need to apply for a visa in India?
I'll pay around 2,100 euros gross per month, so how much would i expect to get after tax and social reduction as net salary (take home)? We are three (I, wife and 7 Yrs daughter).
I appreciate the replier.

I prefer this official EU Blue Card link (many of the others are commercial): … rmation_en

The EU "Blue Card" is a special residence permit for highly skilled (and highly paid) workers.

You need a job offer/contract, before you can apply for it. Plus, you need some relevant higher qualifications (I think BA/BSc)... and relevant industry experience (I think 3 years). Your salary must be 1.5x the country's minimum salary, which I'd guess is around 30k euros in Spain.

Not sure if you can apply for it personally, of if your employer has to do it.

After a certain period (I think 15 months) the Blue Card allows you to change employer and country, so it potentially provides a bit of EU mobility.

This is the Spain-specific version:

The required Spanish salary minimum is 34,000 euros per annum.

For @Chihieu Le specifically, I'd be very surprised if your NIE said anything about "highly skilled". So I think you must be referring to another document (or perhaps your TIE) which includes your NIE.

(It's a very common confusion: NIE = Numero de Identidad de Extranjero, TIE = Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero.)

If you've already been working in Spain for almost a year, then you should, of course, already have some kind of work visa / residence permit.

So  my guess is that you're looking at your TIE. Which was issued on the basis of a Spanish highly skilled visa.

So (a) you don't need a Blue Card, and (b) not sure you could apply for it now anyway.

The typical path for you therefore would be to keep your Residence Permit (as it was probably issued for a year or 2 years) in good standing (either with your current or another employer in Spain) until you have spent 5 years here. Then you can qualify for permanent residence (an EU Long Term Resident's Residence Permit). This is almost as good as an EU passport as it lets you live in Spain indefinitely, and also relocate to another EU country to study or work.

For a Blue Card, you could get it by securing a job offer in another EU country, and getting them to apply for it. But normally the Blue Card is a way for highly skilled folks to get IN to the EU. You're already here and working and legally resident... so I don't think it's not worth it for you, and you should follow the advice above.

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