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I am soon to be divorced and giving some serious thought to my future. I have spent much time contemplating a move to France, the reason purely being the potential low cost of freehold property in comparison to English real estate. The cost of houses in England will be out of my reach. I am not a fan of the French inheritance system. However I regret that I have never before considered property in Belgium (until now). An in depth search brings up several suitable options which match my needs. I am excited and have now dropped the ‘French Connection’ idea. I have visited and driven through Belgium on a several occasions with pleasure. I am keen and capable in the art of diy, repair and maintenance. And now the question...
Can any fellow forum contributor offer advice (idiot proof format!) in how to become permanent resident allowing me to start a new life in Belgique please. I am not necessarily looking to become a citizen but do not object for the point of rule following and integration. What I am after is a way of cash buying my ideal home, paying my taxes etc, and living happily ever after. Please advise. Short cuts welcome. I am not a user and intend to embrace my new country. I am currently learning French via an online course and intend to fast track with a ‘crash course’ Thank you in anticipation.

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You may want to scan the article, Visas for Belgium to explore which options are available to you.

One key detail from the article to be taken into consideration: Becoming a permanent resident is possible after living for 5 continuous years in Belgium for citizens from EU member states.

This can be a good starting point for you. Maybe you could consider looking for a job in Belgium?

I'm sure our community of members will have more insight on this to help you realize your dream of acquiring property and living in Belgium for the long run.

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if your profile is correctly filled in, you're a UK passport holder.

Meaning, you've still access to the free movement and establishment inside the Schengen Area as a EU citizen.
Right now and until the 31th December 2020, you don't need a work permit...

But Brexit is coming, so you'll have act "fast" (meaning before the end of year - even if it's pretty clear that due to the covid19 there will probably have another delay... - only my own assumption! I just don't see how Bojo could get a "deal" while he already lost 2-3 months... unless killing UK economy even more...)

Current FAQ about the Brexit and your rights: … -Deal.aspx

You still have the right to come in Belgium to established with just your ID/passport.
You'll have to go to the commune (administration) to state your arrival and your address (+ police check).
But your right to stay will depend in you get a job (as you're not retired).
If you get a job, you'll get your "E" ID card, valid 5 years. (European citizen)
After 5 years of stay, you can request to become a permanent resident in Belgium.

As UK will leave EU, you should not receive the "E+" card (permanent European citizen settled in Belgium)... but nothing has been decided yet. (You'll probably get the D card if you do work 5 years)

Don't forget to read the guide on this forum. Plenty of your questions are answered there and also

Thank you so much for your advice.

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