Docs required to apply for ordinary residence permit for employment

Hi, I am a UK citizen having interviews for jobs in Malta. I have been trying for hours to get basic information about what documents I need when applying for the ordinary residence permit on the grounds of employment. Every website seems to give different advice/dates/requirements (or mix up requirements of other visas/permits)! Ok, assuming I get the job, I then arrive in Malta, then:
1. Do I wait 3 or 2 months (after arriving) before applying for the ordinary residence permit - on the grounds of employment?
2. When I apply do I need a document proving I have private health insurance? If so do I need to have paid for the policy's entire year or can I pay for the policy each month?
3. Do I need to have rented a Malta property and bring the rental agreement? If so, can if be a 3 or 6 month rental agreement? Is there a minimum monthly rental required?
4. Do I need to bring any police certificate from the UK or any criminal record check?
5. Do I need to bring any medical certificate or doctor's letter from the UK?
6. Do I need to bring any proof of funds or bank statements? Remember I'm not applying for ordinary residence on the grounds of self sufficiency.
7. Besides my passport, are there any other documents I need to bring?
Thank you so much guys. Any help would be sincerely appreciated as I'm going bonkers reading all the websites giving mixed up contradictory advice! Cheers! Dan

Hey Dan  :cheers:

Welcome to the forum, I think you will find out pretty much of all your questions have already been answered already. Please search through the page or use the search feature on the page.

Expat Team

No need to worry yet as you cannot come into Malta because of the virus, the airport is still closed.
As mentioned above all the information you require is on here.

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