EU Citizens e-residency process & Health Care info.

Updated 2015-04-08 11:52

This advice is applicable to EU citizens ONLY.

If you are an EU citizen you have a right to reside and work on the Maltese islands but you are required to inform the authorities within 90 days of arrival If seeking to reside beyond this time. (Job seeking exceptions apply when you may have up to 6 months). The method of informing the authorities is to complete their e-residence procedure and apply for the issue of an e-residence card. NB. This is NOT an ID card 'per se' but can also serve as such.
NB. A Malta ID card is for Maltese citizens and contains biometric information and may be used as a travel document within the Schengen area.
A Malta EResidence card is for those other than Maltese citizens. It is a registration document and does not contain biometric information and is not a valid travel document..

Under what category are you going to apply?

See this page for latest information:

There are several categories, each requiring a different application form.
They are explained and available from the site linked above.

EU nationals

Economic Self Sufficiency- CEA Form J
Study- CEA Form M
Employment/Self Employment- CEA Form A
Family Members - CEA Form F
Permanent Residence- CEA Form P

You must also complete and apply for/on the following forms also:

Form ID 1A - Electronic Identity Registration Form for non-Maltese Nationals
Form ID 2 - Image Capture Application Form
Electoral Form - For EU nationals only who are applying for an e-residence card for the first time.

If applying under 'Economic Self Sufficiency'

This status requires that applicants show that they are able to provide for themselves and for their accompanying dependants by being financially stable and not being in need of any financial support from the Maltese government. The current thresholds for EU/EEA nationals are set at a minimum capital of 14,000 or a weekly income of 92.32 for single persons, and at a capital of at least 23,300 or a weekly income of 108.63 for married couples. Moreover, an extra 8.15 is required per any added dependent. (27.05.14. Check for current rates.)

However, one cannot apply until one can prove sufficient Health Insurance or entitlement. (Self sufficiency only.)
(If employed/self employed, then Social Security Payments grant entitlement to health care for self and immediate family.)

That has to be done at the Entitlement Office located at:

Entitlement Unit
Ground Floor
St Luke's Hospital

Malta & UK have a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA)

The RHA application form is downloadable from here,

Persons registered with the Entitlement Unit under this scheme will be issued with an entitlement card hereinafter referred to as RHA Entitlement Card.

Persons issued with the RHA Entitlement Card will be entitled for free healthcare services in local public healthcare institutions on an in-patient and out-patient basis as well as other specialist services provided for Maltese nationals.
RHA Entitlement Card holders will not be entitled for:

1. treatment abroad including the UK
2. the European Health Insurance Card
3. long-term care and other things and services provided for under the Social Security Act and other legislation.

RHA Entitlement Card holders will not be entitled for the entitlement to Schedule V card otherwise known as the 'yellow card' which permits the holder access to free medication for some chronic conditions.

Alternatively and only if a UK citizen receiving UK State Pension you can present an S1 Certificate obtainable from DWP, Overseas Healthcare Team, Durham House, Washington, Tyne & Wear NE38 7SF UK.
Telephone 0191 2181999.
This will entitle the person full access to all medical treatment and Schedule V 'yellow card' for free medication for some chronic conditions.

Whether you are entitled to Schedule V (five) medication (Yellow card) will depend upon your residential status, and entitlement to health care here.
It can be a complicated process.
You will only get this if you have a permanent Certificate of Entitlement (COE). An RHA card is not acceptable.
Also you will have to have an assessment (and subsequent reviews) by a doctor at one of the hospitals.

(After issue of Schedule V card (yellow card you will then have to nominate a Pharmacist of your choice, get a green form from them, get a doctor to complete the medication detail of that and return it to the pharmacist. You will then later receive a card of payment codes which the pharmacist will then enter on their system in lieu of payment each time you are issued with your Schedule V listed medication.)

Be prepared for the Schedule V process to take some time and not all medication that you may have previously been prescribed is available by this process.

Advice. If you have a pre-existing medical condition for which you are receiving medication before moving to Malta ensure you have a maximum supply of that medication. I also strongly advise you to bring copies of medical records, copies of prescriptions or a letter confirming your conditions and medication. These may prove invaluable for when seeking medication here, either by attending a free clinic or doctor privately and/or during Schedule V assessment.

Notifying the authorities of residency (All types.)

Living on Malta?

When you have all the necessary documents relevant to your type of application originals and copies and photographs required (details on the appropriate application form) you have to attend the ID Card Office at Evans Building, St Elmos Place, Valletta. Applications for Maltese Citizenship and Residence documentation are to be submitted at the said building between. Monday to Thursday from 8.30am till 3.30pm between 1st October to 15th June and between 8.00 am till noon between 16th June and 30th September.
Check opening times though before you go, they may change. Be prepared to queue.

Living on Gozo?

When you have all the necessary documents relevant to your type of application, originals and copies and photographs required (details on the appropriate application form) you have to attend the E-ID Card Office which is off St Francis Square, Rabat (Victoria) to the left of the Government Offices. (Face the Government building and to your left is an entrance to an alley way/court yard entrance. Go into there and then at the end, about 6 metres turn left and the office is to the immediate left.)
Mon Fri 9.30am 12 noon. (Again check details.)
I have found the process to be quick and efficient if applying from Gozo. There are far fewer numbers of applicants than on Malta.

EU Citizens may apply by post but all documents and photographs MUST be certified by an appropriate professional. E.g. a Priest, Police Officer, Government Official or anyone else of the same professional status.

NB. If attending in person, ensure you have all the necessary copies and photographs .
The clerk will verify them against your original documents.

Registration for Income Tax

Everyone is required to register for Income Tax if you are resident on Malta. In general, individuals are considered to be resident in Malta if they spend more than 183 days in a calendar year in Malta. (Whether you are liable to pay any tax will depend upon your circumstances.)

An individual, who is either resident in Malta or domiciled in Malta, but not both, is subject to tax on income arising in Malta, on income arising abroad but received in Malta, and on capital gains arising in Malta. Individuals who are neither resident in Malta nor domiciled in Malta (temporary residents) are subject to tax only on income and capital gains arising in Malta.
This includes the use of Credit/Debit cards connected with any bank outside Malta.

Transfer of savings does not (usually) attract tax.

Registration may be done by attending either of the two offices in Floriana, Malta or Rabat (Victoria) Gozo.

Malta: Block 4, Vincenzo Dimech Street, Floriana.

Gozo: Enrico Mizzi Street, Victoria.

See here for detailed information:


It is my experience that the best way to deal with Malta's bureaucracy is to be polite, passively assertive and ask lots of questions of the staff rather than insist on making a point.
Also, please feel free to Private Message me with any questions.

The usual caveat applies; to check the contact details and opening times. Details correct on 10.02.15.

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.