Name Change

I am retired. I was granted Maltese citizenship 2-3 years back as my mother was from Malta. I have yet to register my birth, but I also have to seek permission to have my name changed from that in my birth certificate. Whereas all of my current legal documents have my new name, including my UK passport, my birth certificate has my old name. My name was changed in the UK by deed poll, which is not recognised in  Malta. It is illegal to hold passports (UK and Maltese) with different names.

Has anybody gone through this procedure? I have sought the help from about 10 lawyers in Malta, but have only ever received one reply (ie unable to help).

I plan to go to Malta in the first half of 2020 to try and sort this out but I don't want to waste time whilst I am there.


I would be very interested in finding out how you proceed as I am in exactly the same situation.

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