Single Permit Process

  Last year I got through the single permit with specific employer. Now I changed my job and still in the single permit process. I just got informed by the company that the work permit is granted now just have to wait for the final decision for residency.

However, my ID is still valid until the end of march. Can I start working since I already have the new work permit with my new company.

I went to the city hall to ask, they told me yes but they are not 100% sure...

YEs, as per the latest amendment, you can start working when you get the work authorization.

yes , legally you can start to work once the WP is approved and have a valid Resident Permit ,  and once you got the SP approved you may asked to go to the CIty hall to renew it.


I also have a similar question. An employee with a single permit looses his job. He goes to the commune and is told he will have to wait for a document before his single permit is cancelled. He has not received this document so does not know if the single permit has been cancelled. He also has an option to become his wife's dependant after his permit is cancelled.
A month after loosing the first job, he finds another job but the new employer wants him to have a trial period of one month before a permanent employment is issued. When does the new employer have to apply for the new single permit? Is it before the trial period of one month, or after the trial period?
Kindly help

The day his employment starts (be it trial period or not) he needs a new work authorization tied to his new employer. He cannot legally be employed by a work authorization obtained by another employer (which is getting cancelled anyway).

Thanks for the response.

Hello Aneesh,

As you mentioned "He cannot legally be employed by a work authorization obtained by another employer (which is getting cancelled anyway)." means now after single permit for specific employer any one can join another employer without new single permit issued ?

No. A single permit link you to a unique employer.
If you want to change to another employer, your current permit will be canceled while a new one should be issued.

Once you get permanent resident (5 years), you don't need work permit anymore.

Thank you for response.

So to get PR (5 years) single work permit should be with same employer or can be changed and total 5 years single permit with multiple employer?

About permanent resident permit based on work, you'll have to justify a period of +/- 5 years of work (no matter which employer)

You just have to understand that if you're fired/whatever, you've only very few time to find another job (and so another work permit - which takes basically 4 months to receive).
Your resident permit (validity of 1 year) will not be renewed if you don't have a job anymore except with few conditions such as being a family member of EU / whatever...

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