Declining a offer after signing it.. will there be any legal issues ?

Can we decline a job offer after signing the offer letter in Belgium. will there be any legal action taken against me if i decline that ??

Technically it is a breach of contract (as you have signed the contract). You may want to look at all terms and conditions carefully to see what is mentioned to handle breach of contract. If nothing special is mentioned there, it is still bound to the standard civil contract regulation. Normally no companies take the hassle of following up legally if an employee backs off after signing the offer / contract. It is better for them that you decline now rather than joining to the job and leaving in a couple of months or so.. Simply put, they prefer people who really *want* to be there..

And, yes, it will be in the HR records and may impact your future chances of working with that company.

Inform them politely and sure next time before you sign, you carefully consider all options and then make the decision.

All the best !!

Thanks for the information.. actually in the contract I can not see any information related to thi. But was just wondering if they can take any legal action.. I agree with you that they might not want to take any hassles, but to be on a safer side yeah.. I should be polite enough so that they don't go legal way.. thanks for your help.

Even if there is no lawsuit for breach of contract, I hope you are not in the process of obtaining a residence permit. Because in this case, you risk being blacklisted ...

Ohh this sounds scary...but I already have my residence permit that got renewed I still need to fear about being getting blacklisted ??

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