Veterinary Medicine in Belgium

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I am from Greece ,27 year old man,and i have a master in Veterinary medicine from a Greek university.I have 3 years of working experience in small animals.I also speak French and English.I would like to move to belgium in a French-speaking town(i don know exctly where it depends from the job opportunities).
I would like to know if my degree needs to be recognised in Belgium if i want to apply for a job and also how possible do you think it is for me to find a job as a vet in Belgium?

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You hold a diploma to practice a medical or paramedical profession issued by a member country of the European Economic Area and you wish to practice your profession in Belgium:

Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
DGENORS - Accreditation Directorate for Health Care Providers
Adolphe Lavallée Street, 1 - 5th floor
1080 Brussels

E-mail: agrementsante[at]
Phone :
+32 (0)2 690 89 40 (academic health care professions)
+32 (0)2 690 89 20 (non-university health care professions)

About the job market, it's not my sector of activity. But I think there are real prospects for someone who really wants it.

Here is a website to always consult when you want to expatriate.

Hello Greekvet and welcome to,  :D

You can also post your CV on Jobs in Belgium which employers can review and contact you if they are interested.
Do not hesitate to contact me  if you have any queries.

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