Smooth Job Change in Bahrain, Help needed.

Hi, My name is Anju Anand been working with a company for 1.5 years. As per contract it was mentioned just a clause everything under Bahraini labour laws.

I have few questions in mind.

Is an expat entitled for Air Ticket back to home country.

The leave policy in a company

Racism laws

Working hours

I want to also know how to shift smoothly to another Job without any Hassles and troubles.

Looking for help and information.

I suggest to go and read this first:

Then ask specific questions giving details of exactly what you want to know vs. what is the current practice in your company.   Your current questions are too broad / generic and quite a few have already been answered by me in the thread above or in others.

Hey ! Thanks for the reply.

Yes, totally wanted a boarder perspective and I just joined this forum yesterday and after I had posted, i had seen the previous posts regarding my doubts.

Thank You for responding.

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