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Hello to everybody.

Me (Italian) and my future wife(Brazilian) we are thinking to get married in Malta after long term relationship. Me, I'm regularly working here and she will come to Malta to get married and live together.

I have some questions, and I hope someone can help me.

1) She will come here as a tourist, and she need an health insurance (in case of emergency). It's better if I can buy the insurance here or she need to do the insurance from her home country?

2) Once we get married here, she can work and living together without any visa or other documents like an EU citizens, right?

3) What about the public health? She can depends on me for anything, like showing my last payslip if she go to hospital or polyclinic and get the visit for free , or she must work to get public health in Malta?

1) You can do the health insurance anytime for anyone. The companies didn't care about who is covered from the family but, by the EU regulations, she need a healthy insurance covering 30K Euros to entry in EU. Of course the borders agents doesn't check it so much but, if they do and she doesn't have one, they can send her back.

2) Yes. After the marriage, you should go to the foreigner office to get her residence ID but she's not European, don't forget that. She still need the BR passport to travel outside the EU and coming back, she cannot use the special lane for Europeans on airports, etc. Only when you ask to change your marriage status with the Italian government and follow the rules related with time and "no convenience marriage" measurements, she can start the process to get her Italian passport.

3) With the ID, she can use the same that you use. The rights are extended to the family.

Good luck

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