Is it possible to get a Dutch residence permit on an Irish contract?

Hi! I am currently living in NL as a researcher, with a residence permit (I don't have an EU passport).

My employer now is a Dutch university, but from October on I will be formally hired by an Irish company (even though I will technically still be working as a PhD for the university).
Originally I was going to move to Ireland at that point, but now it seems I might have to stay in NL until December.
My current residence permit expires in September, would it be possible to renew it for those 3 months if my employer is Irish? (the Republic of Ireland, so it's still EU)


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You can't work in the Netherlands with an Irish work contract; there is no way for your employer to pay your Dutch taxes etc; the Belastingdienst will have significant issues with this.  My advice is that you speak to your current employer and ask if they will keep you on for a fixed short-term contract and they get reimbursed from your Irish employer.  When that is agreed, go to the IND and ask for a 3-month extension to your residence permit.

In fact, thinking about it, I have doubts on the legality of you being resident in the Netherlands, while being employed directly by an overseas organisation - the EU has nothing to do with this.

There are some work agencies (uitzendbureaus) in the Netherlands that offer Dutch contracts for overseas workers to get around this; I'd advise you to speak to the HR department at the university and see how they feel about all this, you can't be the first person to have done this.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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