30% Ruling after passing interviews while on Tourist Visa

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My girlfriend works in IT and was looking into finding a job in the Netherlands so we can live in together. I myself am an expat and already working in Amsterdam with a 30% ruling, and i could've just sponsored here a partner visa to bring her in right away. However we wanted to see if she could first find a job on her own to see if she can get her own 30% ruling status as her expertise lands on the highly-skilled category.

To increase her odds she was looking to fly in on a tourist visa and then apply for openings. I understand that she would have to fly back to her home country anyway to get her MVV visa processed, but would being interviewed whilst on a tourist visa make her ineligible for the 30% ruling? This is all under the assumption of course that the employer is registered under IND.


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It will depend on whether she was regarded as "resident" when in the Netherlands; in other words, if she was registered with the Gemeente within the required timescales, she will be ineligible for the 30% rule.

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Expat Team

Thank you for your reply Cynic. If she comes in just for a short stay (let's say 30-days) on a fully independent tourist visa, would she even be required to register in a Gemeente?

No - registration is only required when somebody is intending to stay for more than 4 months.

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