Who else is having a hard time finding a job in the Netherlands?

It's terrible when you arrive in a country with particular skills and background and no-one seems to appreciate it here. Did other people have to have a complete career change like me?

hi sulivan,

am sorry to hear that u face such now. a career change? wat was your job before and what is yours now?..how long hv u been here?...

I was a social worker, which is impossible to do here without speaking extremely good Dutch. I've been here a couple of months. I'm using a career guidance service in Amsterdam now to help with my CV and get some job interviews. It's going really well so far :)

With your Sofi number, you first have to make an appointment with the town hall to be registered before you can get a sofinumber. Try to make that appointment before you arrive because it can take a few weeks sometimes (from memory you contact the IND first). Alot of people seem to have different stories here of what they had to do...very confusing. I even know someone who had to pay €11 for their sofi number where I didn't pay a thing.

I used a company called My English CV to help me re-do my CV, not sure if they help with interviews. Good luck!

hi, i am currently staying here in Netherlands too. Im looking for a job also, but i find it hard to look for a job here. Ive been staying here for almost 3 months, and been sending my CV's to companies here and even countries in Europe but no reply's yet. It made me think to go back home but, salaries in the Philipppines is too little unlike here in europe eventhough you have a menial job.


I am having a bitch of a time trying to get a job on english alone, i reckon it may take me as long as 6 months until im speaking enough dutch. Doesnt help i'm down south and not near the randstad or amsterdam
As for the SOFI number, register at the town hall the day you arrive. You dont need an appointment. it doesnt cost anything and should take 2-3 weeks. remember to bring ID and your rental agreement or the person that you are gonna be living with. They say they will send you a letter but if you have received nothing phone after 3 weeks. Chances are they have done the paperwork and not bothered letting you know.
After that, you need to make an appointment with the IND.

To all those people having a tough time finding a job, I would really recommend applying to companies directly. Your chances are more limited going through recruitment agencies. Think of how many jobs they have in comparison to how many people want their help...big difference. Also they are abliged to put forward the best people, so even if you can do the job someone else might have a more ideal background to you. If you apply directly and don't come with a recruitment fee..you might have a better chance. And make sure your CV stands out from other people's, put achievements on their as well.

I agree with Ksullivan, contact company's directly. The recruitment agency's in The Netherlands are working slow and not accurate enough. I am Dutch and have a few negative experiences with multiple agency's. Goodluck everyone (Succes!).\



I know that my company is looking for new reps in the Netherlands. If you'd like I can put you in contact with the lead who will be out there recruiting in mid-Jan.