internship/vrijwiliger in school/childcare. Any info?

Hello everyone,

I am an Indonesian who has a plan to move to Nederland (Amsterdam) in the near future. I work as a kindergarten teacher in Indonesia and I hope that do the same when I am in Amsterdam.

Due to the different standards between these two countries, I know that I need to pass Dutch course and exam also study more about ŽonderwijsŽ before I get a job with permanent contract and such.

But do you know what is also interesting for me? If I can be a volunteer or doing internship at kindergarten / preschool / childcare. I think itŽs a great idea to have this kinda activities, so I can also improve my knowledge and Dutch. Unfortunately I dont know yet HOW. Perhaps you know? Or does anyone here work as a teacher / in the same position like me?

Dank jullie wel!


I think this is a very good idea.
What you can do is to ask the kindergarten, pre-school etc in your future neigherhood if they need volunteers.
Most of the time they do!

I wish you good luck!

Thanks for your advice! :)

Fijne dag! :)

hahahaha, jij ook!

You too!

Hey dedeharjanti,

Our child goes to daycare here in Amsterdam, and I guess I know a bit about it.

You are right, you need to have degrees to work at any of the mentioned institutions, they are very strict about it here in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). An option for you would be to let the employment office (or a third party office) rate your degree , make a translation of it and see if it is equal to any other degree here in the Netherlands. Also it will let you know exactly what you have to do, might you want to work in that sector.

Also if you do not have a degree that is "acknowledged" by the government you will find it pretty difficult to even get an internship!

Hope it helps!

If you are already in Holland, you can ask the gemeente for information about volunteer work. I am from the Philippines and I moved here due to marriage. While unemployed I was able to do volunteer work in a kinderdagverblijf (daycare) in Amsterdam Southeast. It was fun! If you want more info I wish I can give you right now but I have to look into it first.
good luck!

Hey, I just saw your comment and i would be totally interested in being a volunteer in kindergardens here in Amsterdam.
Would be really nie if you could mention some things how it worked,how did you like it? is it hard to fill in a position like this nowdays?
I'm also looking for a school now, because my occupation is ecomics ,so it has nothing to do with children :)

Thanks for the respond from anyone :)



Hi everyone,

Sorry for late reply. I have been in Amsterdam since four months ago.
I have found a job two months ago and also vrijwiligerswerk as overblijf medewerker since two or three weeks ago.

@Kyttyke : you can contact directly the schools and ask if they still need more people to work as overblijf medewerker. Overblijf medeweker works only during the lunch time (12.00 - 13.00), some days per week.

Good luck. and thanks for everyone!