Getting help finding work in Amsterdam. Any suggestions?

I am looking for more info and leads to work in Amsterdam. I am a marketing guy with an MBA and over a decade of experience it just seems difficult to find work in Amsterdam from Tampa, Florida.

I am flirting with the idea of going first finding later but would rather have a situation before making the leap.

Any Suggestions? I am also a trained bartender.


My fathers' family is from Holland and unless you have European Union citizenship you would be ineligible to work.

The country is about 16 million people about half the size of California.  So you would need a pretty good reason to go.


Thanks for the reply.

Surely there are positions for non-citizens.

That is the defintion of an Ex-pat a foreigner living and working in another country.

Work Visa's are provided for out of country workers.

I think like all things if you have a good network positions are easier to find.

That's what this site is about, non?


here is where you will find all the information needed to work in the netherlands.

G. Dogger

Hi Amsterman

I have lived in Amsterdam for the last 10 years, until recently my role was placing expats in roles here in Amsterdam. I don't work in recruitment anymore but would be more than happy to advise you on what agencies you need to speak with. Feel free to drop me an email.
Regarding Visa's, you would qualify for the Knowledge Migrant Visa (Kennismigrant). The problem with coming here first and then looking for a job is that you would miss out on the 30% ruling which would be a real shame.

Best regards
Edward van den Bergh

Hallo bartender,

if jou are loking for a permanent job then visit

Besides there are a lot of agencies in Amsterdam you can walk in!




it's very exciting how this forum helps people by providing  advice..

I wish the best for all of you :)

Regarding my situation, I am an IT engineer, I am member of EU which means that I do not need a work permit but I am currently living outside Netherlands.

The problem with agencies or hiring managers is that as long as I do not live in Netherlands they find it difficult to invite me for an interview.

I don't understand the reason and I wonder how can one stay in Netherlands without having a job as cost of living is high :(

Any recommendations ?

Kostas, I have the same problem...
so, I've taken the extreme decision of moving to Netherlands without having find a job. I HOPE I'll find one there....