I'm looking for designer's job in Amsterdam

Hello everyone,

I'm Gianni,and I'm Italian goldsmith and jewellery designer.
I borned in Piombino ( Tuscany ) and I grew up in Florence where I studied goldsmith art and design.Actually I'm learning a digital software for draw jewellery in 3D.
I've a lots of experiences in handmade jewellery making and drawing by my hands but actually I need to improving my skills in Digital way.
I lived in Florence-Milano-Berlin-Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bali-Jakarta.
Actually I'm back in Florence for studying and get specialization in digital design.
I would love to move in Amsterdam in next 2014.
I hope to find the right connections for find a job in there and start to study Dutch Language as well.

Greetings from Florence to everyone.

Gianni Misto

Ciao Gianni,

Welcome on board to this site,

I found a website for you where you can search for a job as a jewelry designer in Amsterdam: http://www.vacatures.nl/sieraden-ontwerper/amsterdam/
It is only in Dutch.
If you can't find anything then you can search for Vacaturebank.nl

I hope this will help you to find what you are looking for.

Ciao Primadonna,

it's nice from you to help me.I'm checking the web site,in English is better for me bcoz I don't know Dutch Language.
Thanks again,

have great day,

Greetings from Florence.

If you need any help, just give me a scream ;)

Wow....u're so nice person! :):)
I will,bcoz I wanna move from Italy.I Lived to many years abroad btween Berlin and South East Asia,even Indonesia >>>
Italy is very beautiful but to old for me hahhahahaha.

dankejewel for any helping.

Grazie mille.



It was and still is my dream to live in Italy but I moved a little to far to the East.

Tutti Salutti!

What I think about my country is: probably one of the beautiful one country all over the world.We have great food and wine,and good quality of life but actually we've a very bad moment if I talk about economy and Government.Maybe u still appreciate the place u stay ( in Jordania? ) and u can come in Italy anytime you want.When and if you need connections in here,I can give it to you in facebook as well.

Tanti saluti da Firenze!

Gianni :)

Grazie Gianni, that is always good to know.
Maybe I need it some day.

Prego! When u want just ask anything u need.
Greetings from Florence.

20 years US experience in the jewelry business in gold, platinum ,silver repairs and confection doing complex laser welding and god at jewelry CAD jewelry in Matrix,RhinoGold and whatever willing to relocate in the Netherlands looking to meet gay and girls white same interest, to share ideas possible artistic partnerships.  .Looking for fatback.

Welcome on board Theo.

I hope you will find some partnerships for your project.

Ciao how are you?
I'm Gianni,nice to know you in here.
I'm artisan-goldsmith artist ( 20 years of experience in jewellery )and in the last year I'm still have a specialization on Rhinoceros 5.0 - Rhinogold and later on I'll heading to learn T-Splines or Clayoo.
In September I'll come in Amsterdam for 6 days,in visit as tourist,but I'll looking for new connections for work in there ( I would like ).
Honestly I'm looking for job as designer,and right now I'm still drawing commercial jewellery for Indonesian company.
We can keep in touch  if u want.

Have good week end.


This is my new profile with new P.P. bcoz I lost the password of my last profile in here.
Bytheway,we can get and keep in touch in here.

Have great sunday to everyone.


Welcome back Gianni  ;)